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F-Secure Antivirus is here for MAC, Free Beta available

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Hallo Mac freaks!

I found this while googling..


One of the strongest Antivirus companys is making their first Antivirus/security system for the mac community.

As most people don't like Norton this should be a thrustworthy option.



Sweet huh?!


- An early preview of the new service and the ability to provide feedback on how to improve the service before it will be publically available.

- A free one-year subscription and regular prizes for users who actively send us feedback.

- Power of influence: to be part of making a unique security service for the Mac community.



More info and download at:


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F-Secure are a well known brand and I don't want to denigrate them, or others, in any way but... The more of these products that are released, the more likely a third party contact of an anti virus company will write a mac specific virus to try and create panic and sales. I am not presuming to say that anti virus products on Macs are a complete waste of time - especially if you want to avoid passing on a virus that a PC user has sent you and that you then unwittingly send on to another PC user and get the blame - but I would rather image my fresh hard drive with something like Carbon Cloner and then return it to pristine state once every month or so. Meantime, firewall and stealth enabled in System Preferences /Security, I can use Firefox 3.5 with no-script and never ever install anything that I didn't pay for, which from what I have read is the main cause of damage and not something that any antivirus program is going to help anyone with.

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Kaspersky also made a flavor for mac lastly. me, am sticking with free ClamXAV.



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Wow, people actually use Anti-virus programs on the Macintosh? It wasn't till Microsoft released the free Security Essentials program that I ran a real-time AV program on my Windows install. At least on the Windows side, almost every one I ever tried I ended up uninstalling because it was just hogging up all my system resources.

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