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  1. Problem with Installed Leo

    I think that too,because the resolution 1280x1024 is working on Windows XP.It also worked on my Hac 4 months ago. But now,it stopped working .
  2. Hello,I've got a BIG problem.I wanted to change resolution(on my Hac ,with ATI X1050 drivers found on net).When I changed to 1280x1024 ,my monitor showed "OUT OF RANGE"..Every time I log in to my acc on my Hac it will just display "OUT OF RANGE"..I tried "Graphics Mode" and safeboot (-x). Graphics Mode parameter did nothing and when I tried safeboot then I've got a KERNEL PANIC. Does someone got a solution for this?
  3. F-Secure is a great AV.I've had it on Windows so why not in Mac too.
  4. Can I install original application?

    Vdubguy:"What do you mean EFI related apps?" Apps that work with Extensible Firmware Interface(a.k.a EFI) - Just like Boot Camp etc... But I can say that maybe iLife will work,just like other apps(AS LONGER AS THEY NOT FREEZE OR GIVE KERNEL PANICS)
  5. Try looking there: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/6-alternative...sn-on-mac-os-x/ ... There are some MSN alternatives.some with Voice Chat...Just take a look
  6. This doesn`t work on my Realtek HD ALC861.System is iAtkos v7 10.5.7!!Any suggestions??