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  1. Could anyone write down a proper guide for a dual win7 & SL installation as vanilla as possible as mårten have done? I also would like to monitor CPU and GPU tempreture if possible! chopped dxdiag info:
  2. USB 3.0 OSX Support By Caldigit

    That could be cool. Is the driver opensource? Any link?
  3. Bumping. Have any one tried or have any opinion about this? Is it possible?
  4. http://www.osx86project.org/ You have entered osx86 wonderland here.. what you want is to take the blue pill i belive. For each motherboard there is a source on that wiki. When you go to that source you will be able to find users of this specific board. Not only references to this page but other forums aswell. Hope that helped.
  5. Hi guys, I wounder if it is possible to use the storage for Expressgate (Asus Splashtop) for a custom EFI bootloader? Is it possible to use Asere BLN booter for example in this storage space? I can't possible see the use of Expressgate. Who checks their mail in the morning if you are late for work?? Or watches youtube... So Could this useless future be replaced with anything useful? I found this: http://www.phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11610 Not sure here but..I think it is a very small ssd storage of some sort. I hope there is mad reverse-engineers here. Cause this would make the external usb/disc partition solution obsolete is the motherboard it self now could boot OSX without any additional {censored}. And save you 2$ no, look to the right..yes..thats express gate/splashtop GUI. so...can it be done? Who is up for the task?
  6. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    The awsome thing about a forum is that you can follow the thread further up. The hardware "police" has been taken down..the hypervisor is down. Full hardware access is gained. Don't you read the links I posted before you try to type down any opinion? Linux does work straight off with the PPC support. It should work properly with some smaller tweaks. Since Leopard have PPC support. It does not matter if it is a custom PPC cpu as long as we know how it works. the Linux driver already excists. wiered that you comment this when this scene has already made OSX86 possible on PPC,SSE2&3. Nothing is impossible. Thats why this scene is here If linux flyies.. then we can make OSX run on that afterwards... there is only 2d support so far.. but if 3d support is gained it should be able to run osx. Lets see how this goes.
  7. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    If that got your a*s jumping this should make you run naked. Playstation 3 HACKED And its now OUT Now we are gonna wait until someone actually makes this usable. New drivers needs to be made for graphics and such. If chameleon can be installed on the PS3 harddrive. We could het OSX Leopard (not SL) on this one. Now lets wait and see. I hope that future is close to summer!
  8. Where is the flashdrive installation guide link? And I wounder What do I need to get Gigabyte 9800 GT Silent Cell 1gb
  9. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    I'm guessing it was a BS comment.. There is no guide that he solved the sleep issue. Check if this works with SL. I found this on a Windows tread found here:http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1482046 Uncheck What results did you get? Second. What happens of you check the box "Restart Automatically after Power failure" or something similar on SL. What result did you get? What is causing the sleep problem? What did change since the 10.6.1 update that disabled the sleep/ made problems with sleep?
  10. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    I would buy a PS3 if it was able to run either linux or OSX with full hardware support. This way you could use this as a monster Rendercluster. A guy already made a rendercluster with several PS3's with linux.. But It would only require 1 PS3 to do the job of all the PS3's on the video if the hypervisor get by passed. Come on know.. save up to a SDK ..market value at 100K+? USD then BOOM.. OSX on PS3 If the SDK is gained..you can learn the server protocolls to send your own firmware to it without voiding warrenty for example. Redirected by a router for example. This way you can make a firmware with full hardware control. Benefits with bypassing hypervisor: *Disc image support for backup games. *Silent Beast Render Cluster for apps such as 3d apps, Video Editing apps, Music n so forth. *Fully functional computer for the student with support for MS office 2008. *Media centers such as Flex or XMBC with full codec support. *Your kids/retarded girlfriend can not scratch your expensive blueray disc because they are already backup in side the PS3 and your original blueray collection can therefor be stored in a bankvault. *Use it as a private torrent-tracker/dc hubb *Use it as Guitar/Keyboard Amp *Emulators *Run WII OS nativly since it is also running PPC *Run Xbox 360 OS nativly since it is also running PPC *The last that I can come up with is also ofcource the most important...Download free internet porno in your living room. And ofcource..it runs on max on 250W
  11. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    Yes, this can be a future as long as the hypervisor get bypassed. Even When you install Linux on PS3 it will load as a set size to 10gb in a virtual enviroment. The hardware limited to 2 cpu instead of all 8 cores (is it perhaps 7? :S ) So, If you get hold of the SDK for PS3 and get passed the hypervisor..then we can run leopard on that with a EFI bootloader. The reason he said Tiger was because he knew it had PPC support...AND check this {censored} out: http://web.archive.org/web/20060507172100/...e=1121156666920 the last public info regarding this. so.. GET THE SDK and Bypass the Hypervisor. We don't like a Big Brother system do we ? Get any EFI bootloader to run. Install OSX
  12. Hi, I need assistance with my old Optiplex GX280. I searched for a osx86 solution instead of using windows xp as the orginal os is. The Computer have a cd drive and not a dvd drive. Will not boot from external dvd either. So what I did was that I plugged the GX280 harddrive to an other Dell computer. A Dell Optiplex 755 and installed OSX iPC 10.5.6 with the instruktions here. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph..._Optiplex_GX280. After installation I did move the HDD back to the GX280. The drive will not boot in normal mode..but can go in if i type in -v in the bootloading. Since all the hardware was new to it I did a repairpermission for the disc. But there is allot of problems: *It boots up in -v mode but not normal. *I repaired Disc permissions since it had allot of permission errors cause of the hdd move. *I forgot to add additional language translation so It is in English. (need to add swedish afterwards) *The "about this mac" got wrong information. It says 4 GHz Intel core Solo. I think it is less then 3, perhaps 2. I forgot to write it down. *The ram says to be 512 mb, but it is 1Gb ram in abouth this mac. * I can't get more information regarding the mac since System profiler crashes. * Ethernet is not working. Solved. * Sound is not working. Solved I would like to fix these problems. Can you guys help out? Or do I need to make a iPC bootable USB drive and reinstall osx?
  13. The Wlan is development is here: http://projectcamphor.mercurysquad.com/ More will probably come with time.
  14. [WIP] Worms Armageddon unoffcial Cider Port

    Link Found a link at a forgein forum saying that Worms Armageddon is so far failed to port?
  15. [WIP] Worms Armageddon unoffcial Cider Port

    Test 3 - FAIL I found a unofficial NO-CD version version and I added that version instead. On Win7 it runs directly from the folder no problems what so ever. Now I do not get any error messeges. The apps starts upp..goes to fullscreen and a mouse shows. Now I cant do jack. ALT+TAB did not get me back either.. I know that it was a shortcut to get Cider based games to Windowed mode can't remember how it was thoe.Do any one know? Now I'm stuck, what do I need to do? Please help! EDIT: Apperently several people get this problem with FarCry Cider port. Copy file to an other dir. They solved it by coping the .app to an other place... but that did not work for me. I also tried to set the "FullScreen" values in the config file to 0 so I could it running in windowed mode..but it still doesn't.. infact it goes to fullscreen anyway. I am really stuck here.. Please help out! If anyone would like to have the .app file I could send it. It is 276 mb in size.