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  1. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    @MiniHack, glad to see u back. @gerard71, u don't have the same device. can u tell its ram value ? I may attempt something @Koko & VMonHeros, thank u for the feedbacks. am condemning p-states generation for that cpu, on the next release. I also reworked on the possible c-states to be generated. @downlord, fixing it on next release, apart from mwait state. that one can wait @JBraddock, 1920x1080 as a GraphicsMode isn't good. stick with 1280x1024 instead. @buoo, Such a feature doesn't exist on chameleon (yet). Have a look at how apple does it for sata with ssdt. If u were that far, you'd need to edit your dsdt to be able to do what u want.
  2. probably getting accurate time remaining. can't say precisely until I test it out. Plus I don't have the source, so..
  3. @gsly, Thank you for your effort. It looks promising. Btw, any chance to get source code. Thanks
  4. Hi Mal, JBraddock, everybody Mal, am pretty sure you going to love that one. I didn't try it yet, but looks promising to rest of us (also).
  5. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    @wojnar0, how exactly did u reinstall ? same files ? This is not a bug. The thing is (in your case) you must stick with your bios values (fsb/ratio). It has been proven earlier that your issues disappeared in that case. Patch your DSDT file. You need to edit the LPC device-id. Anyone tried the pre-5.1.4 yet ? Plz, I need your feedback!
  6. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    @Cobra03, well, FixFSB has nothing to do there if you sticked with ForceFSB. busratio could also be added as an independent key on boot.plist. Other than that, u probably forgot to remove VoodooTSC and rebuild caches or so. I can't know :wink2: Also, u may need to read about smbios.plist on the forum. GraphicsEnabler does it already. If u want u can edit your dsdt accordingly instead.Other than that, ForceFSB, like u discovered is more there to fix wrong values than actually playing with crazy fsb values. Stick with best value which satisfies performance. IIRC, two/three releases ago, I freed the injected fsb value from memory (unwise from me I knew that later ). U can still register to voodooprojects and am welcoming u, nut it 'd most likely not change things for you other than what u can change by yourself already. Re-ARM: alpha is here
  7. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    @Cobra03, Why are u using the p/c-states generator? If you are wanting to load oem ssdts, no need to pull them from UBUNTU. They are provided by the bios at boot-time. Just make sure to use oemSSDT key (on com.apple.boot.plist). Keep in mind that your oem values are your best bet when using an i7 processor. Also, pay attention to patch your dsdt whenever needed. Regarding busratio, the one u used (boot flag or into kernel flags in com.apple.boot.plist) doesn't actually affect what bdmesg shows. This is done with busratio key on com.apple.boot.plist (proper to anval). In that same way, fsb can be injected with ForceFSB (with value: e.g.: 133). But keep in mind that the legacy kernel checks the value and can affect it separately from boot-loader.
  8. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    @VMonHeros, the key is called PatchKernel and is to be used from com.appl.boot.plist (with value: Yes) @Atom owners, if it doesn't work, try to use ForceFSB/FixFSB and/or busratio (to be added to com.apple.boot.plist but not into "kernel flags"). Also, try it without p-states generator to see if the issue is related to the generator or elsewhere. @denzel, if we happen to add some sort of selector, probably we can add kabyl's ati.c. But honestly, I have no plan for it in the near future and probably not before getting some feedback from a friend (FKA? ) Hi Azi, thank u for correcting me. And btw, it'd be a pleasure to check your updates to the stuff @koko, guyz with atom cpu can try to replace GenerateCStates with EnableC4State or EnableC6State. @downlord, this one seems to be an issue with Q6600. I honestly don't know what is wrong and where the issue comes from. Please try koko's suggestion and give feedback. That could help me fix things. If anybody wishes to help me by testing the pre-alpha and post feedback, here is the download-link: anval_pre_5.1.4.zip
  9. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    @eddmaster, glad to know u want to test/taste ! Oh and sorry for the hassle. options are into BootHelp.zip on first post. but, u should keep in mind, most of us have an extra boot option (bootcd/usb/external drive). So u better start by getting one. (till the day I post one for the lazy testers over here )
  10. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    I just reverted (the embed theme) to its defaults (1024x768). so u'd need to edit it back when needed
  11. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    weird is how you' r getting 1920x1080 out of EDID, where I don't. Even-though my display supports it.But should be related to the card's output. Self understanding: it's nvidia. well, have u tried other resolutions also ? Probably 1600x1280. For me it did revert to 1280x1024 (which should work also). btw, try editing the teme.plist and post back, please woohoo wasn't me We all made that
  12. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    @Mohamed, thank u for confirming the NoCores value. Regarding auto-resolution, am afraid it's not going to work for you guyz.
  13. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    @blackosx, I think the kernel patcher has got some effect there. My suggestion to this is to try latest (5.1.4) and tell me how it behaves on Fusion now. woops! missed that one.going to check it for next release. @TorqueX86, to me, it seems like your bios is doing something the c-states already. And most probably, the values chameleon is injecting are not the good ones for your cpu. Just to be sure, review your bios options and stick with them. Or if u don't feel as lazy as I actually am ( ), dump your oem tables and try adapting them according to what chameleon generates. Afterwards you can load them without relying on a generator anymore. For this, I already added a dump of used memory addresses, from where those (auto-generated) tables get loaded. @VMonHeros, Give it a try and see if it's now working. btw, easy on the under/over-voltings @Azi, FKA, blackosx, M-Khairy and all the good friends, thank u for having given time and effort. And keep in mind that your presence is valuable to me. And for sure, it is anval's best bet.
  14. @JBraddock, Congratz my friend You guyz are making from this mobo the best hackbookpro ever. Keep it up, and take care
  15. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    @FKA, mitch_de and every good friend, Thank u! @FKA, hopefully, Azi is giving me a hand on fixing those issues with auto-resolution. @Atom cpu friends I already have something for you (should be what u needed to get it working) I'll commit asap