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I've taken the liberty to ask a support team and they recommended to get a vps instead, so we don't get suspended for the same reason. After looking around I found an affordable one at hostgd.com . Got a nice coupon code for unmetered bandwidth. So bandwidth isn't a problem, and we wouldn't be using much disk space anyway, if we need more we can upgrade.


Still looking at more, but chances are we're going to stick with hostgd.com soon. B)


You guys just have to promise you'll help us with costs by clicking the ads regularly..


Will post any more updates once there are any.

Yeah, not sure they would like to help. I think I asked mac share about something before.. Good idea though!


I think we will probably order a VPS soon. Either later today or tomorrow. It should be set up fully by the weekend (at the latest)

i leave for a few days and look what happens ^_^

its a shame the site got taken down

the forum was the culprit for the high CPU usage? that is definitely weird...

a few years ago i got a domain @ macminicolo, (got it only a few months) but i wouldn't recommend going there.

performance was decent, but the costs were high.

bluehost looks good on the paper.


I'd recommend a free custom account @ blogger (google) and leave the forums here at insanelymac.

If we ask the mods, they can surely create a subforum here for the porting team/the porting of games...

that would be the free alternative. (but maybe this option is too cheap, heh)


hosting companies like bluehost are a dime a dozen (although bluehost looks good on paper), and they start to b!tch around a lot if you get a sudden increase in bandwith

hostgd looks good, you got a point there


your thoughts, loco?

Personally, I would be happy with hostgd. Another company advised me to get a vpn instead of using their shared hosting (yep, they didn't say COME TO US, GIVE US YOUR MONEY!!!) they were actually truthful and said a VPN would be better since we got kicked off last time for CPU drain.. So I've been looking around, slightly scared because every vpn costs as much as a dedicated server and then I found that place. They are only so cheap because of low disk space and bandwidth, and they are unmanaged, so security etc will be done by us (well, the server side issues will be sorted out by moi).


I have a nice voucher so I can get unmetered bandwidth even for the minimal plan (which I think is perfect). We don't need much disk space! But korich is thinking about windows asp hosting for some reason, don't know why, but will see. I'm still up for a vps, and the voucher expires in 7 days... so if we are getting a vps, will have to order it soon! Costs should be fairly easy to keep up with, you guys just have to promise... YOU CLICK OUR ADS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE :P That earns us a little monthly money without costing you anything besides 15kb of bandwidth and 15 seconds of your life (that is relative to your internet speed :P ). But yeah, I'll post any updates when I have any over here :)




I would prefer hosting our blog and forum on our own server not on insanelymac because its just nice to know, its yours! And its easier to manage/personalise everything! Thanks for the idea though! =]


Thanks for all the suggestions and advice,


great to know, loco.


but one thing: i have been neglecting my cider Wrapper post here (i'm sorry guys) and i thought over the weekend i would update the post with our finished wrappers.

But our website got taken down... :)

If you still have the text from the Posts, could you mail me them? (doesn't matter if its the whole website, lol)

I'll put them here right away.


Writing them all again would take a few days.

Latest update: The homepage ibrain.com.ua is nearly fully done. There is one now, but it will get a few more improvements soon ;)


Sub domains have now been fixed, the blog is active again at dev.ibrain.com.ua and the forum is dev.ibrain.com.ua/forum


A few errors such as broken links and missing profile pics in the blog have also been fixed. :(


If you find any errors please report them there.




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