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  1. That's just awesome if this works. This could fix pretty much all remaining hard issues on the 150 & 170 boards. When did they put in the new iGPU drivers? I kept monitoring the betas for this and didn't find anything. Got a install for el cap planned this weekend on my Fatal1ty Z170
  2. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Thanks for the heads up, aqua-mac. But seeing as Apple moves to ATI (now AMD) with the HD 5000 and the new 6000 series in 10.6.4 and 10.6.5 and all, i doubt there will be new graphic drivers from Apple for nVidia Cards again for quite some time. Considering Apple's perfection obsession with the performance-per-Watt ratio, AMD has now the won the race for this round, leaving the power sucking nVidias out of the Game. But it's quite a shame, the 460 Series is still a good bang for the buck. P.S: I'd be delighted to know where you get your Mac Pro cases for your Projects.
  3. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    aqua-mac, what are your Benchmark values in OpenGL Extensions viewer for a 480 Card in OSX? (Please try it with 1024x768 if you're gonna post it.) BTW, i'm curious what 3DMark Vantage Points you get in Windows on that System with SLI enabled, and i'm also curious if there's Smoke coming out of the Power Socket in the Wall where you plugged that Thing in
  4. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Found a tool that does this. (NiBiTor) http://www.mvktech.net/content/view/4846/143/ Appearently you can modify the Bios of the Card to use the high power profile. (GeForce 5 FX/6/7/8/9/200/400 Series) Anybody have a spare GTX470 or 480 lying around for some experiments? (Be careful not to brick your Card.) As for me i have put the GTX470 in my Media Centre PC and used my old 9800GTX+ again for my new hack. (good Card, Drivers are great)
  5. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Yeah, i thought the same. I've seen benchmarks of this Card in OSX from others with 1000-2000 Points, but i don't know why the card scores so low here. 1000-2000 Points would be acceptable while waiting for new drivers, but 200 is too low for anything. Might have to cannibal my old system for the 9800GTX, and put a cheap one in there for the time being...
  6. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    After almost a Week of messing around with different bootloaders, how-to's and different frameworks/kexts, i hit a wall with my new eVGA GTX 470. What works: DVI, micro-HDMI, Core Image, Resolutions, Card detection with Firmware in the System Profiler. I got it to work multiple times with multiple installations, but it's always dog slow. Followed multiple tutorials on a lot of test-installs, i got everything: just card detection, Blank screen, Black screen, corrupted OS and other errors. The following problem results from the new how-to in the first post. Below are some OpenGL Extensions Viewer benchmarks of my old 9800GTX+ and my new GTX470. 9800GTX+: GTX470: As you can see the GTX470 is 20 times slower than the old card. Are you guys having this problem as well? (Games are unplayable slow or crash outright.) A little thing i noticed on the Hardware side: In Windows i noticed that the GTX470 clocks way down to about 60MHz when the card is idle (to save Power), and it clocks right up to normal (more than 600MHz) when a Game or a Benchmark starts to display it's full power. During the low idle Mode the Card is very cool at about 35 °C and during normal Mode it gets quickly up to 65+ °C. (I have 40% OC on the System, but my Gelid third party cooler keeps it really cool) I have a Hardware temp sensor planted on the Card so i can confirm the temps on the PC Case. When booted in OSX the GTX470 doesn't go into normal Mode, it stays always at the low 35 °C (idle Mode), that's why the Card spits out the low FPS everywhere. Is there something to make it snap out of idle mode? Sorry if this was already mentioned above somewhere, i've read a lot of tutorials the past week and don't know whats from where anymore...
  7. PS 2 Emulator

    Sadly the windows version of PCSX2 refuses to start up in our new Snow Leopard Wrappers, i'll try to put some more thought into it in the next few weekends. But i don't think that games like Singstar work anyways, only 2D Games work and are playable with a little effort. Your best bet would be running the normal PCSX2 on Windows, where the performace is really good and most games work real good with a little tweaking of the settings. But i never even tried using the PS2 mic in PCSX2, since i don't have one...
  8. PS 2 Emulator

    Well, there is quant0r's native Port of PCSX2, but it's kind of a pain to install and not so compatible, but it's fast. (but it's a little easier to install since the latest version) Up for grabs here: http://pcsx2-mac.quant0r.com/ Then there is the CX Port of PCXS2 which is pretty easy to use and it's more compatible then quant0r's native Port, but it's not so speedy like the native version. (but Games like Disgaea work very good with it) you'll find my old Port here: (currently not Snow Leopard compatible, but Leopard works fine) http://forum.portingteam.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=1053
  9. Working PSX Emulator

    Check these out: http://forum.portingteam.com/viewforum.php?f=82
  10. 3DMark 2003 & 2001 mac Benchmarks

    3DMark 06 is Wine compatible, so i'll try a port from that later. I'm wondering why my setup gives me much lower points than yours, since we have the same Graphics Card. But my most likely guess would be the CPU performance, yours is roughly 1 GHz higher than mine and translation through Wine is mostly CPU dependent.
  11. 3DMark 2003 & 2001 mac Benchmarks

    Hello all from Insanelymac, Since you guys gave me some great Tutorials for making my own hackintosh i thought about giving something in return I made some Ports of Futuremark's 3DMark Benchmarks with CXS (a custom CrossOver Wrapper) These are not meant for serious Benchmarking, because they are about 2 to 3 times slower than when you run them in Windows. They are meant for fun and you can choose yourself if you want to take them serious or not. But just a thought, the Benchmarks on all macs would be equally slow then I mainly did these Ports because we haven't got such awesome Benchmarks on the mac, just some number-crunching apps. That and porting these was fun and running them on your mac is even more awesome Because CrossOver has problems with ATI HD2600, HD2400 and X1600 cards, i advise users of those Cards to stay clear. Here are some links to the Forum Topics on the Porting Team, where i posted the known bugs and some thoughts: 3DMark03 - http://forum.portingteam.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=1927 3DMark2001 - http://forum.portingteam.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=1874 This Benchmark works perfectly, every Test is working. But there is a little bug in the app, the CPU information doesn't get displayed correctly. (Like my Core 2 Quad gets detected as a Pentium III) As mentioned, every Benchmark Test and Game Test is working. (if you have a good card that is.) Game Tests, CPU Tests, Fill Rate Tests, Vertex Shader Tests, Pixel Shader Tests and so on. Unzip the file with 7zX, open the .dmg and copy the app to your Hard Drive. It runs great, except form a test that makes it crash. Easy enough, just deactivate the test that crashes it and you'r set to go on a great Benchmark app that was on Windows ....8 Years ago.... and it runs under emulation... Awww Hell, maybe it's not that useful, but it works The test that's not working is the 'Environment Bump Mapping' test, and you can deactivate the 'Pro Version tests' as well. Just select open from the windows app menu and select the 'WORKING TESTS.3dp' file,where the not working tests are already deactivated. The Benchmark runs fine then, and even the Game Demo is working. The Demo with Sound is currently not working for reasons i currently don't know, but i'm looking into it. Unzip the file with 7zX, open the .dmg and copy the app to your Hard Drive. Just to show you how 'well' it runs in comparison to the Windows side, i ran this on the same machine (on Windows 7) Clearly the native Windows version is much faster. 3DMark03: 3DMark2001: Clearly the native Windows versions are much faster. But this may give you the idea on how much slower the Wine Ports run, performance and speed-wise. I'd say that they are 50% slower then a real Windows app/game (most of the time) (3DMark03 is even slower, but my 9800GTX gets 200+ Frames most of the time on the mac.) take care and have fun -dev
  12. Wineskin

    well, i think if doh's CXSkin is coming along nicely i'll look after the emulators again this week, so forget about my recent rambling two posts up
  13. The Porting Team

    only a mod can do this, since nobody than loco besides a moderator can edit his post now...
  14. Wineskin

    Em, are you active in the portingteam Forums? Since i currently have my hands full getting everything online again would you also come to the emu section and post some of the converted Ports? It could be a while before i can make an alternative version of the zeroPorts with WineSkin, although i'm currently not giving up on the CX Wrapper. As i've seen from some experiments i made, every CX port should get a huge performance increase in both speed and startup time with Snow Leopard.
  15. The Porting Team

    Awww doc, you already invited them over, i wanted to do that Anyway, much has happened the last few days, and me and Korich struggled to get everything online again. There are still a few links that point out to the old iBrain.com.ua domain, and we'll try to get them fixed soon. So welcome to the Game Porting Team again. http://portingteam.com -devilhunter