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  1. locoputo

    Fallout 3 Ported!

    Great job, I knew the porting team would manage this high end game some day! Fallout 3 for mac... never thought I would read those words!
  2. locoputo

    The Porting Team

    Hey guys, sorry about the massive delay, I'm all over the place at the moment and busy working most of the day. I haven't forgotten though!
  3. locoputo

    The Porting Team

    TheDoh123: It's sadly not that easy extracting just the first post from your topic on the wineskin especially as the whole database has been dumped into a 35.5MB file, but when I have time later on I will try a few tricks and I'll send you a pm when I've got it. Would you happen to have a line that you know is in your post that I could search for exactly? Such as "This is the new WineSkin" or I don't know, some line that will lead me to your post in the database dump file. Thank you to those pming me with hosting ideas, it is much appreciated.
  4. locoputo

    The Porting Team

    To clear this up: We will be back, only when is the question. But we are working on it and during the backup time we had I have emailed all forum members with a link to this thread. @devilhunter: check your pm
  5. locoputo

    The Porting Team

    Right latest update: We have convinced our provider to give us a short period of time for backups as we cannot afford this month with our hosting company. So, today I have made backups of the latest that there is. So most importantly nothing has been lost! To prevent loss of any more posts after the backup i have disabled the forum. I am not sure why the server is still up as it was meant to be taken offline again at 11 GMT. But nevertheless, the most important thing has been taken care off. I am in the middle of exams so I sadly can not devote myself to organising a new host and restoring the backups and doing all the changes needed once on a new host and I can not predict how long this will take. Given the current financial status we have decided to cancel our contract for this month with our host since our credit card payment failed in the first place. Since the host we are(or were) with currently are very reliable and responsive I would prefer not to change providers. It is (hopefully) likely that our financial status will return to a more stable level over the next month and the site will be restored asap. If we find any temporary inexpensive solution until we return to our host we will keep you updated. Until then, keep porting and keep believing in the game porting team. All further updates will be announced in this thread until further notice. Sidenote: I agree with jsway on the topic of using a subsection on another forum.
  6. locoputo

    The Porting Team

    Sorry dont check that account anymore. But I managed to answer. Check your inbox. And yeah, it got me by surprise too.
  7. locoputo

    The Porting Team

    Thanks for the support guys. I didn't know about this because I've been busy with my own life. Then all of a sudden the latest payment didn't go through meaning they disconnected us. I am exchanging emails with them at the moment with the help of a friend, and hopefully they will put the server online for a few minutes to give enough time to get backups of our latest work. After that we will have to work out what to do.
  8. locoputo

    The Porting Team

    Our server was disconnected as the automated monthly payment was declined by my credit card. This is due to low funds as our only support for the server is via donations, and they have fallen to close to nothing. At the moment I am trying to get the server online for a short time, as we can't afford paying for another month as it is now, so I can fetch the latest backups of everything, then we will have to work it out from there.
  9. locoputo

    The Porting Team

    and over 1700 members!
  10. locoputo

    DC++ for MAC

    dc++ and apexdc++ for mac is here: http://forum.ibrain.com.ua/viewtopic.php?f...11&start=15 Credits, game porting team.
  11. locoputo

    The Porting Team

    Sorry about that. Managing the server is myself and a friend of mine. We had an update of the apache configuration which seemed to ignore the old ibrain.com.ua configuration. Hence, instead of seeing the site you saw the default page! Anyway, it is now fixed, nothing has been lost and everything is back to normal Sorry it took a while, its been a busy past few days for me recently so I am hardly able to check the site. But I do still check everything as much as possible to make sureits working like it should! devilhunter: I got your email, thank you for making me aware of the problem. I would have answered but I can only receive emails from my phone and I wasn't able to check the computer until yesterday. Regards
  12. locoputo

    Sims 3

    It's trying to call home. Follow the instructions on installing a no-cd crack. Supposedly you have to replace the main exe with the one provided after installing. It should go somewhere in transgaming/c_drive then the path to the original sims3 exe.
  13. doesn't really mean much. Have you tried the game without a no-cd crack ? to see if it works far enough to ask for a cd to play? Sometimes the no-cd crack is the cause of most of the problems with porting cider games.
  14. locoputo

    Problem with newest cider, sims3, help please!

    You don't move it into the macos directory. You leave everything like you would with the older versions, but the exec.bundle name gets changed to what ever your exe is called.