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  1. vlzhukov Thanks for the information and the link on that
  2. Has anyone seen this panic when booting installer? panic (cpu 0 caller 0xffffff80002c2c75)
  3. The Porting Team

    Korich ... i thought my english was bad ha
  4. Gigabyte EP43-DS3L

    thanks a lot not what i was looking for but it will help a lot
  5. Gigabyte EP43-DS3L

    Does anyone know where i can get EP43-DS3L__SL_Pack_v2.1.zip from the wiki to work with this motherboard Not had much luck with editing my OWN DSDT file for this and was wanting ot see if there was anything in this to help with gettign sound working.
  6. The Porting Team

    good news it im now on snow leopard so ill be helping out again
  7. The Porting Team

    im currently back on windows but will be fixing soon so i should be able to throw in with ya guys and hopefully get snowleopard working
  8. The Porting Team

    no funds dafootballer looks like no
  9. IWEB

  10. My All Games on Mac osx ..

    Alright the COD4 is native mac so no it cant be but the red alert 3 is a cider wrapper so you might find the correct wrapper some place and tweak around with it to make it work.
  11. Apple Again?!

    This is not anything like compiz and even if was has to be same code to matter and it looks nothing like the effects you get with compiz and if you wanna point finger Vista has more the features that compiz has then this ever will
  12. Wow with hackintosh

    go nvidia 4 the win ati is {censored}
  13. Any way to get FEAR working?

    its not possble at this time we have no idea when it will be possible
  14. Evil Genius

    Here is a Cider port of Evil Genius Dungeon type game. Minimum System Requirements OS: 10.5.2 Processor: 800 MHz Ram:128mb Hard Drive: 300 MB Free Video Memory: 16 MB Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible DirectX: 9.0 Keyboard & Mouse CD/DVD Rom Drive Download