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uTorrent for Mac alpha leaked


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still beta,guys give it a chance.:(




This is not a beta it's still considered an alpha release, this was leaked and was not intended for public use




Simon Morris, BitTorrent’s VP of Product Management told TorrentFreak in a response to the leak: “Apparently an internal development build of uTorrent for Mac has been leaked publicly. It has been referred to as an “alpha” quality build. The unfortunate part is that we did not intentionally release this build and would strongly recommend folks not to use it as it isn’t yet complete or stable enough to be released to the public.”
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Buggy as hell but damn fast for a mac torrent client.

Rules with messing with this early alpha:

-open torrents from inside the application.

-don't remove completed files by directly pressing remove. First quit aplication, then move completed download, then start program and remove. Else it will delete everything.(sometimes)

-don't bother changing download location (most of the times it will not work). Same goes for some other options.

-don't play with the transfers categories. Sometimes it will make all transfers disappear (forever, including new ones). :rolleyes:

-ipblocker handled by peerguardian, transfer speed monitored with menumeters.


Results: best transfer speed for torrents on mac(checked in comparison with transmission and vuze), 24 MB Ram, almost No Processor imprint (ok, to be fair, once on a while it gets a core to 100%) .

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