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  1. kiwi89

    10 Things Linux Does Better Than Windows

    I don't really understand all the hate for the command line from some people here. Thats probably one of the best things about Linux, sure its not really friendly for the average user and of course you should be able to do everything in a gui that can be done in a cl, but the cl is so damn powerful when you know what you are doing. Its much quicker do type something into a cl then it is to grab your mouse, find the app and try and do what you want from there.
  2. kiwi89

    Creative Open-Sources Their X-Fi Driver

    mmm, looks pretty promising. I've got an x-fi extreme gamer as well and I'd love to be able to have some type of analogue output for it. I'd be keen to have a go at writing some support for it, but I've never done any of that type of thing before.
  3. Wooo, someone else who listens to cobra . Can you share that wall... I really like it.
  4. THe problem that I find with all this "windows 7 was announced not even 2 years after vista was out" is that generaly it only takes 2 years before MS do another release. I mean... win95 - 98 about 3 years, 98 - 2000 2 years. 2000 - XP was only 1 year. So when you look, its not really any different from any normal release. They dont seem to be rushing any more then usual.
  5. This isnt the screenshot thread lol, this is the post a photo-of-your-set-up-running-mac-OSx thread
  6. kiwi89

    Windows 7 Beta 1

    Im using it as well. No special screens to post so there isnt really much point in putting some up at the moment. Its looking pretty damn good imo. Nice and fast..... the animations need a bit of work - they are jerky at the moment. There is a few other little things but its a beta so I dont really care. Other then all of that its just down to the program devs to make use of all the funky new stuff they can do with the super bar.
  7. rofl, this isnt the post your desktop thread, its the post a pic (as in photo) of your current set up.
  8. kiwi89

    My Windows Sev7en Evolution

    Yea.... this is pre-beta after all so at this time I wouldnt recomend making it your primary for a while. But when we hit beta 1 Ill be making it my primary OS. I did the same with vista at build 5381 I think it is - good times lol.
  9. THat is one funky wallpaper. Can you put it up please?
  10. Depends for me. Sometimes if its a cold boot it wont have power to the keyboard initialy. But then if you restart again it see the keyboard and I can use it to get into my bios.
  11. Dude.... that is one hot set up. You got any more pics there?
  12. kiwi89

    [Wall] Apple Glow

    Am I the only one that has managed to downlaod these wallpaper? All you have to do is go to his web site and follow the links to the wallpapers and click on the download link. Its not really that hard.
  13. kiwi89

    [Wall] Apple Glow

    um.... doesnt it link to his web site which links to a download of the wall?
  14. kiwi89

    [Wall] Apple Glow

    That looks pretty nice, good work man.