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  1. iPhone explodes in pocket?

  2. ATI Radeon 5400 or 5000 series on Lion Full QE CI

    Hi, I have a problem with a saphir HD5450 on 10.7.4. Appears to work fine but when i launch Ableton Live it crashes. The software ( ableton ) runs perfect with another graphic card, of course iv tried a reinstall...no luck... Any idea what can cause the problem ? I used ATI5000injector.kext, and i also tried to write device ID on ATI5000controler and ATI3000.kext. Thx ! Bye.
  3. 10.7.4 is OUT !

    update went fine on 2 systems : ASUS p5pql epu Gigabyte GA965p-DQ6 Updated from iatkos l2 directly from soft update.
  4. WNA3100, usb dongle! does not work.. Please help!

    I m joigning the club
  5. [HELP] Problems while installing iAtkos L2

    Hi, Can you please tell me your bios settings and what packages you choose during Iatkos l2 install ? Thanks edit : Ok i got it. ASUS P5PQL-EPU Bios settings : Load bios defaults, change ide to ahci Iatkos selections all default but add : AHCI SATA JMICRON VOODOO HDA 2.7.3 REALTEK8111C generate dsdt put it to extra folder and enjoy a fully working box
  6. Great thanks man, i had troubles with my 1212M and it s working perfect now !
  7. The death of the XServe

    ???? can you explain please ?
  8. Running Hackintosh in public place

    i d say i just put the CD rom on the computer and install, i was tired of windows
  9. Running Hackintosh in public place

    I would answer : Yes it s a new model only available for us.
  10. Apple if you read that, please, no AMD in your macs, please !
  11. Gigabyte NVidia 7600GS

    Hi, I have a MSI 7600gs, i used OSX86 tools to generate the efi string. Though the string only work in 32bit mode, i have a kernel panic while using x64. Make sure you add arch=i386 to your boot.plist before rebooting. Hope this helps, should work for your card too.
  12. 10.5.7 on an Asus P5QL/EPU

    I managed to get the lan working with the r1000 kext for snow leo from here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...9436&st=630 I had to manualy set the speed of the card to 1000tx before it worked ( maybe the kext was t needed i set it after the r1000kext install ). Thansk for the help ps: The chip is a 8111c
  13. 10.5.7 on an Asus P5QL/EPU

    Hi, I can t get my Lan to work on snow leopard 10.6.0 with the P5QL/EPU. I used the supplied boot cd to install form the leopard 10.6 retail dvd. I also used the extensions and added chameleon 2 rc3. Everything seems to works exept lan. Anyone can help? Thanks !
  14. Yes the motu drivers aren t 64bit for now. You ll have to wait for an X64 driver Stay tunned on www.motu.com for news about that.
  15. Just Windows on a Mac

    For professionnal use.. I just bought some macbook pro s for my company, we need to use Windows for some reasons. Apple laptops are well built, sexy, robusts and not much expensive those days ( cheaper than dell & hp for the same specs ). I think it s better and simpler to keep leopard but if you don t use it you can put a tiny partition for it & leave the rest of the drive for Windows. You can also set the mac to boot on Windows instead of Leopard. It wiil just act as a real PC . My boss uses his mac only on Windows he never started Leopard on it.