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running on AMD64, ASUS MB, SONY DVD+RW drirve ,toast 7 works just fine also

Microsoft Office

OSX server

Windows Media Player

Real Player gold


Adobe Acrobat Proffessional(not yet installed, but reported to work)

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with programs like burn, YuBurner and LiquidCD available free, i don't know why anyone would pay for, or bother to find a crack for Toast. :D
Toast also gives me the option to burn PC/Mac or Hybrid disks, but cannot make those multi session. I want to make a multi session PC/Mac or Hybrid disk (DVD) with both partitions extendable. Do you know which program can do that?


.. but maybe that's beyond the specifications .. :)

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< you can do multisessions in any burning programm!!!


no sh*t .. :happymac:


< it's usually need to UNCHECK finilise CD after burning...


Got some information from the programmer of 'Burn': The Apple burning framework does still not support multi session for the combined Mac+PC format. So neither Toast nor Burn nor any other burning program can do anything about that.


< in toats you can do it in the writer preff


yes, but only for some formats (Mac only, ISO ..). For seing the added Mac sessions of Mac only disks in Windows via MacDrive I need to switch manually from the first session, eject the disk and reinsert it, and that's unnerving.


I was trying to have all three parameters:

- save Mac folder Icons (these get lost with all types of ISO and UDF format)

- multisession

- readable on Mac & PC with all sessions displayed at once


but right now that is not possible due to the restricted framework. So I stay with ISO + allow Mac Names + multi session and forget about the folder Icons. Or, if I want a multisession including folder icons, go for Mac only and chose 'write session' instead 'write disk'.

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