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  1. Garageband Problem

    I had the same problem once upon a time. You guys might want to check your Audio Midi Setup in Utilities. For some reason when you start GarageBand, it will turn your setup from a 2ch to 6ch. You should be able to set it back to 2ch and your audio will work, but the Volume in the Menu Bar will no longer work, so you'll have to turn it up from System Preferences. Hope this helped. Now if I could only get GarageBand to stop crashing in Leopard.
  2. GarageBand Perfomance :(

    I'm in the same boat with you, except I have GarageBand 3.0 on Leopard x86. It seems like anything above that will not work properly for some reason. I would love for the new Garageband 08 to work. I have iLife 06, but not sure of how to rip just Garageband out. Hit me with a pm on how to do it and it's more than yours fella.
  3. nvidia FX 5200 jas 10.4.8 sse2+sse3

    you can always try here www.nvinject.free.fr I just used the one for Leopard, so I'm not sure how the Tiger one works. enJoi
  4. Nintendo Wii 4 Sale

    Wow.... No one likes Nintendo these days.
  5. Nintendo Wii 4 Sale

    How ya doin fellas? What I have for sale is in the title. This system is brand new, never used,it also comes with WiiSports for those that didn't know. I bought 2 when I went out of town thinkin I could pick up a few bucks. Price tag is $300 plus shipping. You can have it shipped how ever you like. If needed I will take more photos. For quick answers to any questions, please hit me up on msn. Thanks for your time.
  6. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    I have the 80gb Ipod, and I couldn't live without the Evo3 iSkin. It's well worth the money and it's total protection for ya baby. I have the Eclipse one at the moment, but thinkin of getting the limited edition one too
  7. New Security Update 2007-004

    Good to go, I did backup my loginwindow just for safety, ya know, never hurts
  8. GeForce FX5200/FX5500 Installer for SSE2 AMD/Intel BETA

    Got it workin For some reason, and I don't know what, but I had 10.4.8, which was updated from 10.4.7, and when I used the installer it enabled different resolutions but that was it. So I decided to do a clean installation of 10.4.8. When it first kicked, there was alot of tearing, so I deleted all of the ATIxxx.kext, repaired the permissions in disk utility, rebooted, and BAM... CI/QE was enabled. Thanks Alot, I really do appreciate it.
  9. Thanks for the how to !!!! Everything is workin perfect, couldn't have done it without cha
  10. GeForce FX5200/FX5500 Installer for SSE2 AMD/Intel BETA

    Does this only work for for AGP cards and not PCI??? I have a PCI GeForce FX 5200, and I swear I'm doing everything right, and it's just not workin for me. It did does let me choose the resolutions now, but thats where it stops. Any help would be greatly appreciated, My stats are in my sig
  11. Apple iPod Games CRACKED!

    And I would like to confirm that they are working
  12. Dem papers look real slick. keep up the good work
  13. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    So there is no way to get this working on a SSE2 chip I take it. Is anyone gonna make a patch or a fix so it can run properly
  14. Bluetooth not working on 10.4.3

    I still need help with this. My BT shows up like it's functional, but I can't connect to anything. If anyone could please shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  15. [For Sell or Trade] PSP 1.5

    Motherboards, Dual Processors, RAM, Flat Panel Monitors, and I've been looking alot into studio equipment, like Soundcards, Headphones, Mic Wires, USB interfaces, Monitor Speakers. There's alot I could use right now. Holla at cha boy