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  1. why did you make a hackintosh?

    Someone beat me to my response. Actually, when I first started with this whole thing, it was on a really crappy HP laptop that I used to own and I found the deadmoo dd image and decided to give it a try. Haven't looked back since.
  2. I was expecting another one of those stupid wallpapers with a penguin swatting a MSN butterfly, but this one is actually quite good! Good job on the wallpaper.
  3. iDeneb Post-installation registration issue.

    I have the same network adapter, and I found that I had to install the kext again from OS X after the install to get it to work, just make sure you repair permissions after you install it. Or, alternatively, install the kext with the app OSX86 Tools that came on the install DVD.
  4. iDeneb Post-installation registration issue.

    I'm not quite sure where I found this information originally, but whoever posted it gets the credit. Start up with the -v -s flags from the loader. Then type: fsck -fy mount -uw passwd root touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone Then login using the root account and the password you just set up. From there, you can add a new user to log in with from there on out. Hopes this helps.
  5. Has anyone bought Vista?

    I got mine from that PowerTogether offer. Then I installed it and it said that the key had already been activated. >_>
  6. ENTER AT OWN RISK HP7 is all i will say

    This better be real, because half of everyone I know is now pissed at me for ruining the book for them. Oh well. It was so worth it for the responses I got.
  7. Original iPhone circa 1983

    Lol. That's what they want you to think.
  8. Original iPhone circa 1983

    Wow.... just wow.
  9. iPhone AIM?

    Trillian is also being released for the iPhone. http://blog.ceruleanstudios.com/?p=162#more-162
  10. What kind of pet should i get?

    Cats are always a good choice. Sorry for your loss. My cat that I had since I was 2 died recently, so you might want to take a little while to get over your loss, but when you do, another cat would probably be your best choice.
  11. Mac for the DS/PSP.

    Heh. Mac OS X on the PSP. Is it April 1st already? Nope. Okay. Just checking. I don't think that the PSP or DS could handle Mac OS X, I mean it seems slow with what little bit of Mac it does run, so imagine how slow it would be with OS X on it.
  12. About the new Apple ModBookz

    Well, I just saw this thread, and wanted to say that Apple doesn't make the ModBook.
  13. Mac OS X Chess Program VS Windows Vista Chess Program

    He's not talking about the graphics of the game, but rather the thinking capacity of the game. Vista can do quite the same amount of calculations if it was in a virtual machine as if it was in a regular PC enviroment. Try not to be so angry. Kay, thanks, and bye.