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  1. Hi and thanks for this report. Pandora's Box use "~/InsanelyBox" as support folder for some temporary stuff or store new revisions of the bootloaders included, but the error you see is in fact because as you said your Home folder is located elsewhere. the fact is that I have inserted a check that this path should have "/Users" as prefix to be valid, so that's why is not working in this case. Will be fixed, but you are available to test a new build in pm?
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  2. I'm having problem using Pandora's box if my home folder is located on a separate disk. The error message is: Internal Error Hermes can't find Home Folder for user (null). Please contact InsanelyMac. My solution is making another user with the home folder that resides in the boot disk (main OS disk). I'm not sure if this the best solution. Can you please let me know if there is another workaround instead of making another user?
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