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  1. Shane kernel 2.zip I was getting invalid op code, I will try kernel.zip later after I get my computer running again.
  2. Shane will test tomorrow when off call.
  3. Shaneee, results of last kernel. Graphics glitch not fixed, and network not working. I may not say it in every post but I am thankful for all your efforts, you too Spakk and everyone that contributes. sysctl -a latest shaneee.rtf
  4. Hey Spakk here you go, got my system up so I tested your kernels. I didn't realize that when upgrading to 10.11.6 it reinstalled pmtelemetry and the other kext files. A quick delete and now working again. here are the captures AMD-FX_xnu-3248.60.10 AMD-FX_xnu-3248.50.21 and sysctl -a AMD-FX_xnu-3248.60.10.rtf AMD-FX_xnu-3248.50.21.rtf
  5. Shaneee my amd system is down and I really don't know if it is going to run again. I won't be working on it until later this week to find out the problem. If I get it up and running to start testing again I will let you know.
  6. Shane sorry about delay in reporting back, no change with fx core test. here is the sysctl -a from your last kernel kerneltest.rtf
  7. Tried the kernel and no change. Sorry but did not get a sysctl on it. On call tonight so will have to redo tomorrow to get a sysctl.
  8. Shane, the sudo command just gave me a black screen with a white square cursor. CoreGraphics just died on boot with process halted or killed (can't remember which one) with to many corpses errors. Will try the kernel later and let you know.
  9. Shane, no changes noticed with metal1 or metal2.
  10. Shanee fast stable kernel, still the glitch. Thanks for your efforts. sysctl -a kernel.rtf
  11. Okay Spakk here is the second kernel, but same results. Very thankful for you trying. sysctl -a AMD_10.11.5_1.1_FX.rtf
  12. Spakk I will report only on the first kernel tonight its midnight and I need some rest. Still glitch in icons, but everything else functions as it should. sysctl -a AMD_10.11.5_1_FX.rtf
  13. Sorry Shaneee its a little late. Been on call since Friday, temperatures here have been over 90 degrees Fahrenheit which means AC emergencies and that means 16 hour days going from a van with no AC into apartments with no AC's. Heat and fat guys don't mix. So xsave-fpu still icon glitch, but my system speed and stability is very good. Just checked and not seeing beach ball when watching youtube videos, this would happen from time to time depending on kernel. sysctl -a xsave-fpu.rtf Spakk will test yours before the end of the night.
  14. Shaneee here are the results from Shaneee-xnu-3248.50.21-V1 sysctl -a Shaneee-xnu-3248.50.21-V1.rtf
  15. Shanee, Spakk here are the results from your latest kernels. Both boot and run, but still glitch. Shaneee-XSAVE-2 AMD_FX_3_10.11.4_CA_5 sysctl -a Shaneee-XSAVE-2.rtf AMD_FX_3_10.11.4_CA_5.rtf