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...Am I missing something?

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Ouch - I just read this thread.
I swear thats the equivelent of buying an old Celeron Dell and saying - why do Dells suck??



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Ok, I think we've established that it isnt the fastest machine in the world. Would anyone care to actually be helpful and tell me what the real advantages of a mac are? If not I'll take my pc-loser self to microcenter and exchange it.

I think in your case. A increase in system memory would definitly increase snappiness of your Mac Mini.
Go for at least 1GB since Intel code tend to need more memory.

OSX is in that respect no better than Windows. They both need a ridiculous amount of RAM. Wait 'till Microsoft Vista arrives... then you'll see a goldrush for RAM.

The advantage (as you put it) is this.

1) You stand out from the Windows-lemmings. This suggest an open-minded approach and can be utilised when applying for jobs etc...

2) You don't need to tweak or tune an Mac in the same amount as you do with Windows. Most of these tweaks are certainly not as hazardous as messing around with the notorious Windows-registry.

3) If you find the apps you require. You probably wont feel the urge to buy a new machine every year. Because you a) can't financially and :) hardware upgrades are less frequent anyway. This aspect passes by unnoticed. So in that respect Mac's "appear" to last longer then similarly aged Windows PC's. Most Mac-users (I'm not talking about Mac-zealots here) one day see that a fellow user has a new version of App-x and then they see that another 2 years have past by with several revisions in OS and hardware.

4) Apple's products shield many OS-related items away from users. A good-looking UI is just one way to accomplish this. This way users can get more attention to the job at hand and the application in use. Apple's filosophy is that Apps are more important then the OS (though Microsoft let ppl believe otherwise). This fits in the attidute: What you do with it is more important then how you do it. At least Apple tries to make the "how"-part the least disturbing and most fun to use which is not bad IMO (especially at a time when you need things done instead of fool around). In that respect you buy the game install it and play it. No need to worry about driver X, gfx-API Y, and whatever else you need in order on a Windows machine before you can play that game. Things are "usually" less troublesome on a Mac for simple end-users. This is also overlooked in computing.

5) OK. You probably had a HackIntosh (otherwise you wouldn't know OSX86, right) so in that respect you already have been spoiled. You know that your P4/AMD/whatever home-build HackIntosh is as fast or even faster and cheaper than genuine Apple products. Don't forget however that Apple products come bundled WITH the OS AND a full DVD with productivity and/or multimedia applications. Your 400 $ homebuild PC probably came without Windows (as you already had a cracked/leaked/borrowed version) which adds another 100$, let alone the bundled Apple-apps. So deduct the price of the OS (at similar rate as Windows) and assorted equivallent apps from your Mac you'll see that the remaining hardware asking price isn't that farfetched anyway. In fact A Nonny Moose made an excact price comparision which demonstrates excactly what I mean.

Also Kiko's remark: Any way why the hell would you sell ur pc to downgrade to a a {censored} core solo, wen u could ahev run os x on ur pc, not very smart i say

Is a good question in itself. Why did you sell your PC since you probably could have run OSX86 on that too (if it's just to see if OSX is your taste)? The fact that your here proofs that at least you know about OSX86 and so-called "HackIntosh"-machines. Of which many seem to get run quite well.

You just need to be more objective about things and don't question your buying decisions. The Mac mini is "a good computer"™, a bit short breath: definitly, but the hassle-free environment should makes a less frustrating computing experience and could make you a happier person in general.

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