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  1. Solved DVI Output (NVCAP) on 8400 GS

    Thanks for this great tip. And indeed it switches resolutions fine now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! In fact I investigated this a bit further. For single monitor setups you HAVE to connect your monitor to the DVI-port and put a spare cable into the analog port. Otherwise this trick wont work. Using the analog port and leave a DVI-analog adaptor also doesn't work. You really need to plug your monitor on the DVI-port (either through an DVI-adaptor ot DVI-analog cable) and leave the spare cable attached to the analog port. For your info this is my system. Pentium 4 630 (3GHz Hyperthreading) ECS 915-P mainboard Asus GF 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 silent (the one with the big silver heatsink) 2GB DDR1 Ram OSX 10.5.2 (Kallyway DVD using the included NVinject 0.2.0) Thanks again to LennyX.
  2. This sucks big time! I have Saphire X1950-pro 256MB. I have a DVI connected IIyama 19" LCD panel. Connected with DIGITAL DVI!!! NO VGA-convertor. This works fine in Windows XP. Installed Kalyway 10.5.2. Installed Apple graphics upgrade. first installed X1950xxx_10_5_2-9c7010 drivers for dev:7280 DVI DOESN"T WORK!!!!! Only with VGA-adaptor!!! Full resolution change, QE and CI. Then re-installed again. installed Apple graphics upgrade tried 9c31-drivers. With DVI-cable NO DVI->VGA adaptorthe following happens. A picture i/t middle o/t screen telling me that I should plug power cable to videocard?!?!?!?!? Powercable IS plugged in. THIS SUCKS. Boot does continue (albeit with that picture in the middle o/t screen). Resolution change works. No CI, NO QE. Installed 9c7010 on top of it. After reboot NO DVI!!!! This sucks. DVI->VGA adaptor gives much worse image then true DVI digital. If OSX doesn't work with DVI in 2008 than this OS sucks big time! How is this with REAL Macs? Do they have full working DVI? CHeers.
  3. OSX: 10.5.1 Kalyway DVD: Vanilla kernel - MBR partition - Vanilla Kernel - kernel & PS2 patch Motherboard: Gigabyte P31-DS3L Manufacturer: Gigabyte Model: P31-DS3L Version: REV 1.1 Bios Version: Award V6 11/22/2006 Chipset: P31 Audio: yes, with Azalea HD patch LAN: LAN Detected, but not tested CPU Model Number: Core 2 Duo E6750? Recognised as: 2.66GHz? Memory/DDR: 2GB; 2x 1GB DDRII PC800 detected as PC667 Video Manufacturer: Saphire Model: ATI HD2400XT Bus Type: PCIe x16 Memory size: 256MB Dual screen working? no QE/CI working? no Resolution changeable? no Required patches or bios flashing? no No further testing done. SATA/IDE working: Yes Wifi & patches? other peripherals/pci addon cards? misc hardware: - Sitecom USB bluetooth 2.0 dongle CN-521 --> Detected as Cambridge Silicon Radio --> Works without further tweaking with iSync (and SE K750i)
  4. The UK: "Vista Phails"

    Are you kidding? The UK "HAD" the best native UK developped hardware and software platform (AKA RISC OS from former Acorn Computers Ltd.) instead of supporting it, they ditched it like a brick the moment M$ walked in with heavy discounted Windows and office products. That now defunct UK system had great multitasking, was VERY userfriendly and not to mention VERY fast considering most processors ran at moderate speeds. These systems where considerable faster then PC and Mac's from that era. The last Acorn model had around 1997 a 233MHz Digital StrongARM processor increasing it's performance by TEN-fold (x10) with just a plug-in processor upgrade compared to the former model with ARM710. These cards were already available earlier for older non-StrongARM equipped Risc PC's together with an upgrade to it's ROM-based OS for the unbelievable small sum of about 250 UKP (VAT incl.). The most ridiculous fact about this switch to PC's in the UK in the late 90's was that at that time there was a vast amount of high quality RISC OS software available for both educational- and special needs-market. This ofcourse needed to be transformed into PC packages once the switch was made. Needles to say that such a feat is a huge waste of public money! And yet NO ONE ever mentions this or asked the leading IT-managers back then about those decisions. And now you say that UK goverment has decent IT advisors? You have no idea what you're talking about. The UK goverment is as hypocrite as any other goverment. They had ALL the playing cards in their hands: UK invented, UK manufactured, high performance topclass hard- and software and they destroyed it instead of embracing their technology. In fact the UK lost ALL it's technological advancements from the past wether it'll be cars or computers. Don't get me wrong. I feel as much pissed off to the UK goverment as to the European Union who also played the Microsoft game instead of preserving native European technology. And finaly now, there's this. Another proprietary US originated OS used on crappy made-in-china-junk hardware sold at premium prices. Yeah, excactly what we've been waiting for. Oh dear. EPDM
  5. First of all: I used to work for a company that bought Chinese products (not computer-related). I remember the boss being angry because the chinese manufacturors didn't comply with his advice to use better materials. And when they did (for that particular part) they used subsequently inferior materials for other parts, thereby undoing what my boss tried to achieve. So in that particular case the problem IS the chinese sub-contractor. However I've seen from other ppl doing business with chinese that the problems mentioned here are throughout all chinese manufacturing. In all sorts of industries. The problem is this: You have 2 options to make products cheaper. Decrease labourcosts or decrease quality of materials. The chinese are doing BOTH at once. That way they create cheap (but crappy) products fast and they can sell a lot in a short time span. The chinese employers know that eventually labour-costs will increase. What's left then are "just" crappy products. So when that happens they'll have to be soo rich that they couldn't care less. That problem DOES become our problem since the majority of these chinese crapp get sold abroad, in the US and in Europe. Thereby destroying our own local labourforce (because the US/Euro contractor also hopes to ride along the chinese "get rich quick"-scheme). And we get dangerous inferior products in our stores with all the consequences associated. I ban as much chinese {censored} as possible. For my own sake. In the case here explained. It's a typical decline of stuff that used to be high(er) quality and the typical ignorance of chinese hardware-contractors to FIX the problems that are mentioned to them (as I can't imagine thet Seagate executives haven't mentioned this problem to them since 2003). Who would you turn to if vital data stored on those drives are gone when the drive fails (in the middle of e.g. a backup operation)?
  6. iMac Freezing Problems

    That's funny. The problems they describe look a lot like what I endured with my Saphire X1600pro awhile ago. And which was due to a firmware difference (as I predicted).Apple probably had a different ATI HD card in their test-setup than the chinese manufacturer has in stock to build the actual macs.Serves them right. That problem was not with Dell alone. MSI, yes that crappy mainboard manufactorer, still uses those faulty capacitors today. Not to mention the hundred mainboards that I RMA'd to them when I did repair for a PC-parts distributor. In fact a lot of consumer products suffered from this problem (my Goldstar TV had also leaking capacitors all over it's tiny mainboard when it died on me). Sorry I have to disagree with this.As it stands today. NOBODY makes quality products anymore. I bought a Nikon D40 dSLR last month, I used it one week... in that week I took that digicam 3 hours outside to take pictures. After that I saw a dustparticle on my sensor (a real plague on dSLR's which has been kept silent for the general public for ages). Even though I never changed lenses (since I only have 1 lense). It went back to nikon for repair (over a month ago) and I still haven't got it returned. In fact IF I get it back I'll probably have to pay for its repair as Nikon claim there was "user damage" (there goes the warranty). I got another problem with my Sony ericson K750i phone 2 years ago that also caused a dispute between me and the shopowner. And my HP Laserprinter (Laserjet 1200) went back 3 times to HP in it's first 6 weeks. The list goes on. I can tell stories from all major names in the consumer market and they are all for the worst. The bigger the name, crappier the products and the crappier their service to solve the problems with their crappy products.We (consumers) are doomed.And then they wonder why we hack their OS and run it on the computers WE build ourselves :-)
  7. Anti-iPhone Campaign

    But as you mentioned. IF the producer feel the warranty is void it's still NO excuse for not repairing the product. Just not under warranty. Apple could just ask a (reasonable) fee to repair the damage and be done with it. But this is plain stupid and not commercially sound. Anyway. I KNOW that Apple is just like ALL the big corps. a bunch of @#$! They have thier own petty rules and regulations and ditch warranty whenever they can. I have a similar problem ATM with Nikon and a digital SLR camera (I believe there is a significant design flaw in icertain dSLRs which EVERYBODY keeps silent) which Nikon in my case, doesn't want to repair under warranty. At least I CAN get it fixed by paying money. The fact is that ppl should have known this attidute from Apple by now. Look at how iPod-hacks have been received? Or how Apple dealed with (even real defects under warranty) the overheating laptop problems in the past? All the corps. these days are Mafia and Gestapo rolled into one. It's about time the consumers stood up. In this case I can only say STOP buying Apple products. You KNOW they have mediocre products made in China with outragous margins! You KNOW that NO big company gives proper service. So stop dealing with them. EPDM
  8. iPhone explodes

    All this means that from now on the manual will contain the "No user servicable parts inside" or "Opening the iphone voids warranty and health insurance" combined with a big "Hazardous" sticker and warning "Explosive parts inside" :-)
  9. OS X Fast Downloads Howto

    Let me remind you that most regular ISP have banned binary newsgroups so your "info" is outdated for most users. Usenet is a nogo (anymore). Djeez.
  10. I've build computers all my life and from my experience MSI uses second grade materials at premium prices. When I worked for a PC parts distributor, we got more RMA's from MSI mainboards than any other known brand. At that time they sold Chaintech (Special editions like Zenith/Apogee of Chaintech boards are very good), ECS/PCchips, Shuttle (very good boards but bad fans), a small assortiment of Asus boards, FIC and boards from an American (I think) company which where packaged in a milky-white transparant box of which I can't remember the name (they had amazingly fast boards of great quality but due to their unknown brand very unpopular). In fact I supplied my family with several ECS K7S5a equipped PC's which still run today (albeit slowly). A few years later I did repair/assembly work for another distributor who only sold 2 major brands (MSI and Gigabyte). And I've repaired a LOT more MSI equipped PC's then Gigabyte equipped. At that time I replaced my own K7S5a mainboard with a Gigabyte 8IPE1000L i865 mainboard which still runs fast, stable and shows no daft capacitors at all. Never had so much mainboards with blown capacitors as with MSI throughout the years. Particularly the socket 478-era is known for that. Strangely I build less than 2 years ago to 2 PC's for a company using the a more recent MSI 915P-combo mainboard. Hoping things had somewhat improved. BOTH mainboards had blown capacitors in less then 2 years. Ridiculous. I've replaced these boards with Gigabyte products bearing the "solid capacitors"-logo and hope they'll keep working for the foreseeable time. Sure they cost a tiny bit more than MSI but it shows in durability. My HackIntosh uses an ECS 915P-mainboard (which is from the same age as those MSI 915P-combo boards) with a slightly overclocked P4 631. No problems so far thank you :-) So I fully understand pcwiz's grief and frustration. I hope your present card will last longer.
  11. Better Photo Manage/Viewer on OSX

    Why not use "preview" which is included in OSX? That's a simple and easy to use full screen slideshow viewer as well. Just select a bunch of photo's drag them into Preview (they appear in the "drawer"), go to the view-menu and select "slideshow". Works very well. Cheers
  12. nikon d40?

    Awesome camera. I bought the D40+18-55mm lens kit last wednesday and I totally love it. I also gotten hold of the Nikon camera Control pro software for both windows and mac. I dusted off my repro-stand and I now have a 460 euro photographic 6Mpixel scanner as well. That software is really fun. You can completely control the camera from your computer apart from the particular shooting mode/varimode program. You set the shutter-speed, ISO, AF-mode, exposure mode and then shoot the picture from the computer. It gets immediatly and automatically transfered to the computer as well. Very nice software. I did have trouble installing the Nikon camera control software on my hackintosh at first (it kept giving me stack errors) but today I tried again and it strangely installed :-? The camera is simply fantastic. And that kit-lens has an amazing macro. I totally love it. I used to have an Eos 620 SLR film camera before and also had several compact superzoom digicams (the most notably the HP850 and Kyocera M410R). I was considering the Fuji S9600/6500 or the Canon S5 IS until I saw Nikon's Cash back offer. A quick calculation revealed that this D40 comes out cheaper than the Canon S5. In fact I discovered that (to remain with Canon) the Canon Powershot G7 shoots much better photos that the S5 (at lowest ISO). Anything higher than the lowest ISO on both the Canon S5 and G7 turn for the worst while the D40 shoots marvelous photo's even at ISO800. To compare current prices in my region: The 6x Zoom-rangefinder G7 cost 550 euro while the 12x zoom Canon S5 costs "only" 499 euro. I paid 460 euro for the Nikon D40-kit including 2GB SD-card and minus the cash-back. Ofcourse with a dSLR you'd ditch viewfinder-photograpy, recording videoclips and more importantly the super-mega zoom of Compact digicams in that price range. But you get an Amazing wide-angle and macro lens, great manual focus (really needed in some circumstances), High ISO photograpy and that unbeatable instant-on approach that is so typical for dSLR's. Ofcourse there is also a Cash-back offer from Canon at the moment. You get 80 euro's cash back with the Canon 400D. Where I bought the D40 the Canon 400D costs 669 euro's with 18-55mm kitlens without memory card and minus the cash-back. This is still 200 euro's more (+40% expensive) than the D40-kit. As a novice moving up from compact digicams to dSLRs you can't beat the Nikon D40. The things that I find very good on the D40 are summed up below: -Fast Flash X-Sync is 1/500 sec (Yes, even with the build in flash) -ISO3200 (Not that you'd "need" it but its nice to know that you have the extra option) -compared to the 400D the Nikon D40 feels very well build and very solid IMHO. Though it's also a full plastic camera. -the kit lens included is/feels/apears much better then the Canon 18-55mm kitlens. You won't be buying another lens very soon with the D40-kit. Did I mention is has a GREAT macro-setting. ;-) -The user interface is soooo easy. You just can' believe why nobody else has made something like this before even on compact digicams. -1/4000 shutter speed. That is really cool. Not many compacts can actually achieve this. -AF assist lamp that doesn't NOT need the flash (or have the flash activated). -fast USB transfer. You have no idea how slow the Canon 400D is in this aspect untill you sent over a few hundred pics. It's astonishing how fast the Nikon D40 is. Both in PTP/WIA and disk-mode which the Canon 350D/400D lacks. BTW, the camera must be in PTP-mode if you want to use Camera Control pro. -oh.. also (this can be very important for macro shots) the D40 has Spot-metering which the 350D/400D lack. Sure you "only" get 3 AF points. In some cases you'd be glad to have less AF-points. In fact I learned to shoot with only one AF-point (my old-skool EOS only had one AF-point). So I didn't mind at all. At least you'll learn to use AF/EA-lock which is an important step in photography. What i don't like is this. I've only have this camera for a few days and yesterday I noticed that I already have dust on the ccd-sensor. I'll get sensor-swaps tomorrow and see how that goes. This is very weird since I only used the camera inside mostly and only played with it ouside on sunday for a few hours. The lens hasn't come off since I only have this lens. So I must have gotten this dust on Sunday inbetween the few hours that I used the camera outside. Nonetheless I've been using the camera even with the dust on the ccd today and the pics still come out great. Also if you want to benefit from Nikon's Cash-back offer then hurry up because the cash back offer ends on August 31st. The same is true for Canon's cash-back offer. Cheers, EPDM
  13. Hi folks, I discovered a very strange problem yesterday. I made a DVD-cover for a single-disc DVD-box in Photoshop 10 (CS3 US). But whenever I try to print from Photoshop the printer prints gibberish (asci-sets instead o/t rel document). I tried with all sorts of documents (small, big to no avail. I have osx 10.4.8 with 2 printers. 1 is a Laserjet 1200 connected to my router (which acts as an IP-printerserver) the other is a virtual printer (using CUPS) which renders PDF-files. If I use the virtuall driver I see that it starts creating the file but instantly the computer erases this file. I rpesume there is something wrong with the printing in Photoshop. I also tried illustrator (works OK) and Indesign (works OK). The problem is ONLY related to photoshop. Has anyone else have printing problems in Photoshop? I couldn't find more info through Google so I guess its not a common problem. In the mean time I'll see if the Photoshop Beta also has this probem. regards, EPDM
  14. Macs hard to use and constantly changing

    She's right. Look how different 10.2 looks compared to 10.4. In fact Apps even change their GUI inbetween versions (e.g. iTunes). This is not so with Windows SP upgrades. And it took far longer for a significant GUI-change came between XP and Vista. In fact in Windows there's still that option to revert to the well-known and trusted GUI of Windows 98/2000. Also what especially Americans seem to forget. It's not because "highschools" in the US uses Macs the rest of the world also uses Macs. In the UK most schools used to use Acorn equipment (which at their best time were far easier to use and more advanced than either Apple's or Windows PC). In recent times most European schools reverted to Windows PC's because of costs and to provide computing skills to a far greater audience. Ofcourse this doesn't mean that PC's are "better". It only shows that Windows PC's are a commodity item and all other platforms are still regarded as a luxury items. This does lower the threshold to own and know Windows PC's. As a person who owned all consumer platforms I can say that ALL computers are difficult to use for a complete novice. All this debate about which one is easier is just stupid. In the beginning everybody struggles at their computer whether the suposedly userfriendly mac and RISCOS machines or the virusprone Windows PC. For example the basis of a computer, its filing system, shows more similarities than diferences with it's display of folders and icons. The problem is that the versitality of computers is very daunting at first. More so then operation and programming a VCR. just my 2 censt
  15. Azurael, you have some nice figures here. Out of intrest can also show the same table in performance? I would like to know how that P4 631 (800MHz FSB) stack up against that Pentium D 805 (533MHz FSB)? Since according from your figures the old 631 consumes less power and it can be found even cheaper than that 805. Perhaps that would make even a more value hackintosh on a budget? Thanks.