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MacVidia Project releases graphics driver!


This looks like important news to me, the MacVidia Project has released an OSx86 graphics driver.


Alpha Version 0.1a

Some things you must consider after installing this extension:

This extension has been tested with only a few hardware configurations at the moment, so it is HIGHLY possible that it will not work with your actual nVidia board.

This will give you some 2D acceleration, and you will be using your total video memory, so it will improve things a lot regarding video playback and general UI experience (just if it works for you).



To give proper credit, I learned about this news from Simon on his forum: http://www.win2osx.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1264


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Thanks for pointing that thread out. Although I did search a little bit, I guess I missed some things. But I still think this is a very important development in the OSx86 community and otherwise is "front-page" news.


I am sure that many people have not heard about the availibility of this driver nor the MacVidia project yet, and I believe that is what this "news" forum is supposed to be for.


This appears to be a MacVidia related thread as well: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=1183

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