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  1. Casab

    maxxuss website down

    Well done Maxxuss
  2. Casab

    maxxuss website down

    That was the last (uncached) update I saw too.
  3. Casab

    maxxuss website down

    Google's cache does not have the latest version of Maxxuss site, I think.
  4. Casab

    maxxuss website down

    Fine. What I mentioned is that maxxuss host doesn't respond to any action, while the main site does.
  5. Casab

    maxxuss website down

    True, plus I get a 400 Bad Request when I run Telnet on maxxuss host (on port 80). [edit - please don't post direct url to maxxuss site.]
  6. As Takuro mentioned, the patch does not have all of the 10.4.3 updates. This patch only contains stuff like Flash, Quicktime, some frameworks etc. The DVD should have much more
  7. Casab

    HOW TO: Installing 10.4.3 in VMWare

    He added that after pc_guru posted...
  8. Success with kext and agp here as well. I edited the info.plist from macvidia's nvidia.kext so that it contains my graphics device id from system profiler, then did the wheel on it. Next I got applei386pci.kext (thank you for that JaS ) and changed the pci string to the one I found in windows (cpu to agp). I did chmod, the wheel and kextload on that one, rebooted and I got agp I didn't even had to remove the nvidia.kext or boot on x86pc platform, it just worked after reboot. QE doesn't work yet and I still can't change the screen res with system preferences, but I believe agp supported will come in handy for the future
  9. This was already posted here: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=2828
  10. Casab

    Something to tide us over

    You mean the Longhorn Transformation Pack? http://www.soft32.com/download_3720.html It comes with a sidebar too
  11. Casab

    Donate toward a Developers Kit

    why can't you get one? :?