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If you won the lottery....

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The first thing I would do if I won the Lottery is I would buy my dad a nice car and a large home with a gourmet kitchen, because that is what he has deserved his whole life for raising me the way he did.


House,Car, boat, the usual:

I would then buy myself a vacation home on the island of Aruba, a house in Marblehead Massachussetts (My favorite town in the world) and a penthouse in New York. I would buy a BMW X5 and a BMW M5 Convertible. I would also buy a Sunseeker yacht and also a 20 foot ribcraft RIB with twin Honda 250hp Four-Stroke Engines. Yes I am very specific about what i would want :)


Electronics: I would buy myself the new 24 inch iMac and have it mounted to the wall then connected the best projector money could buy in a home theater room. I would then get a MacBook pro loaded to the maximum and also one for my dad. I would then buy a 60 inch pioneer elite for my bedroom and also I would get the 16gb iPhone and a MotoRazr2 for when I go on trips and don't want to carry around an "expensive" phone.


I would also donate $1,000,000 to the private school I went to when I was young because they were the ones who paved my path to success and kept me away from drugs and alcohol.

1) Pay off all my debt

2) 6 months of expenses in bank

3) Retirement funds fully funded/maxed out

4) Trusts (or equivalent) set up for my younger brother and sister

5) Invest in mutual funds to grow more money

6) Build at least 3 homes. One here, one in the Rocky Mountains, one on a beach somewhere. All will be "off the (power) grid" homes

7) Buy every car I ever wanted, including a couple of custom construct

8) Buy every piece of technology (tv, computer, video game, etc) that I want

9) Take a cooking class

10) Get a degree or three

11) Find a decent girl

12) Start a business

13) Hook up family and friends

14) Be generous

15) Live on the interest payments of my investments

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Well if I won million dollars; firstly I would invest a major share of it in buying shares or saving it in a reputed bank for my future. Secondly I will donate some money to the organizations that take care of the animals. I would also like to donate money to the disaster-affected areas.

Easy; put it all in the bank. Use enough of it to buy a house in the country, pay all bills off in advance for the next 50 years. Get myself a new car. No need to be wasteful, just finally will be able to retire. Probably cough up a bit for the kids, college funds, etc. Live off the interest, escape the rat race and unemployment...


One tiny little issue is I live in Utah. No lottery. Oh, that must be why I'm moving to Idaho ;)

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1. Buy a BMW M5 TURBO in Midnight Black

2. Bugatti Veyron

3. Purchase an island in Turks and Caicos or something like that.

4. Buy every Apple product available.

5. Buy My parents and Bro a villa in southern France.



The rest will go to my other family members, and investments.

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Hrm $180M...

New Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger (6.1L V8 of course). Move to Colorado, Buy House, Rock Climb.


Oh yeah, and of course buy my parents/grandparents a new house wherever they want, new cars ect, pay and debt they have ect.

-I'd put a few local politicians in my pocket and proceed to have that 30mil-180mil go to work for me.

-I'd also start carry bullets again...

-My wife wants a top end SUV (only because my mother brags about her decked out MDX)

-Buy my dad his dream car - A very particular Ford T-Bucket

-And in this economy, I'd definitely pick up as much commercial real estate as possible.

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I'd travel a lot, donate some to charity of course, buy lots of books, though most likely I'd most likely have lots of cash left over and I just donate the rest. I like challeanges- all that money would make life less interesting

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