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  1. Seems to me that everyone is looking at the debate encompassing {censored} rights, the definition of marriage and civil union in a rather backwards way. Here's a thought I've been having lately: Marriage began hundreds of years ago as a religious institution, a Covenant with couple's God. (denomination non-withstanding.) Now, since our government wants to have it's fingers in everybody's pockets, it has co-opted Marriage as a legal institution. Government declares who can get married, and so now everyone is pissed off. Here is my solution: Strip all legalese from Marriage. Return it to the purview of Religion. If you're able to find a church in your denomination that will consecrate your union, then go for it. Let government keep its fingers out of our affairs. For legitimate legal purposes, such as taxes and census taking, stick EVERYONE under the Civil Union banner. Straight, {censored}, bi, mono, poly, theists, atheists; let everyone fall under the same rules, and leave Marriage to Religion. Let Civil Union cover everything in the legal arena. There, now everyone is happy. Discuss, and please keep it civilized. ~B-Mac
  2. You're right, of course. Here is the relevant information: e760 CPU Socket: LGA1366 Chipset: Intel X58 and ICH10R Audio chip: Realtek ALC889 SATA connectors: 6x SATA on ICH10R with Matrix RAID Additional storage connectors: ATA133 + 2x SATA on JMB363; 1x SATA + 1x eSATA on JMB362 LAN: Dual Realtek Gigabit I'll be attempting to run the hardware in my sig, I'm waiting on a few parts before I build it.
  3. I know this is a Gigabyte thread, but since there isn't an EVGA thread that I can find... Anyone had success in running SL on an EVGA Classified e760 with a w3520 cpu, an xfx 5870 gpu and an OCZ vertex 120gb as system drive? If so, pm me a link to the proper place, as I get no results when I try to search the forums.
  4. dark4181

    2xG5 cases, DD WB+, more

    Here it is, finally. A thread full of all the stuff I have just laying around. I really don't want to sell some of this stuff, but things have gotten to where I'm in pretty dire need of funds. So I'll give you guys here a crack at what I have... Shipping is ConUS only, unless the buyer is willing to foot the entire bill for international shipping. Preferred method of payment is cashier's check or money order. Paypal is not my first choice, but can work if that's all you have. 1a) A complete and functional Apple G5 chassis, including: working optical sliding mechanism, hdd rack, internal standoffs, cable routing, front panel pinout, air baffle, working side panel. $175 shipped. 1b) Also available is an incompatible Apple PSU. $75 shipped Pics: 2) An incomplete bare Apple G5 chassis, including: optical drive sliding door,air baffle, nonfunctional side panel locking mechanism. $125 shipped Pics: 3a) Danger Den Waterbox Plus (fan spacing for Thermochill 120x2 radiator), including: two AC Ryan blackfire 80mm fans, all mounting hardware, cleaning solutions, included switches. SOLD AND SHIPPED 3b) Also available are pre-wired vandal resistant LED switches (one w/ blue LED ring, one w/ blue LED dot) SOLD AND SHIPPED 4) Three barely used Noctua fans, including: One 80mm for $12 shipped, Two 120mm for $15 each. Pic: 5) One Lian Li pre-wired front panel connector. $10 shipped, or included w/G5 chassis Pic: 6a) One Coolermaster Wavemaster motherboard tray. $15 shipped, or included w/G5 chassis 6b) One Lian Li removable motherboard tray. $15 shipped, or included w/G5 chassis Pic: Pm me with offers or questions. If you want to trade one for any one of the cases, I am looking to acquire: an Intel Core i7 920 D0 some very robust 1600mhz 3x2gb RAM (corsair, OCZ, crucial, etc) Thanks.
  5. dark4181

    OSX on new 1156 socket motherboard!

    It's because there aren't any actual Macs out yet that use the p55/1156 ...You'll have to wait until 1) Apple releases a Mac with a P55 chipset, or 2) someone writes p55/socket 1156 kexts for OSX So you're probably out of luck for a while
  6. dark4181

    G5 case conversion

    Very nice build here. I bet you're excited for 10.5.7, since it will bring Core i7 and x58 native drivers to OSX. Be sure to let us know how your Xbench improves after the drivers are put into a distro
  7. dark4181

    Twin HacPros!

    Very nice work. I've had two of these cases sitting in my closet for a year, I can't seem to find enough time or money to finally mod them
  8. dark4181

    That Marriage dilemna...

    You're missing the point of the thread Fox.. IMO, government should have NOTHING to do with marriage, straight OR {censored}
  9. dark4181

    That Marriage dilemna...

    Everything you asked here is answered in my first post
  10. dark4181

    G5 modding advice

    Go to www.bit-tech.net and look up the g5 mods of Cyprio and Mr. Bean ...pretty awesome stuff
  11. You, sir, are absolutely right *salutes*
  12. It was a total disappointment for me as well. I almost got excited when he said that today was being focused on the Mac, but it was all downhill from there. The only bright spot was DRM-free iTunes
  13. dark4181

    Cyprio's G5 mod.

    Old news But yes, it's amazing
  14. dark4181


    Read ID is one of the ultimate "Big Brother" situations
  15. dark4181

    Mac Pro Hack

  16. dark4181

    Mac Pro Hack

    Check out Torque or MacbookJoe's Hack Pro mods in this forum, you'll get many good ideas
  17. dark4181

    End the Fed protest

    www.downsizedc.org is another worth watching
  18. dark4181

    President-elect Obama

    You're ignoring the fact that the Community Reinvestment Act (pushed by the Clinton Admin and the Congress at the time) is the primary reason for the current housing problems. There were articles out as early as 1998 predicting what would happen, and they were IGNORED. So while Clinton may have seemed like a good thing at the time, we're currently dealing with troubles that originated under his term (as well as Bush's) You can't ignore the pillars of lending just to get poor people into houses. When they can't make any more payments, we get into the exact mess we've gotten into
  19. dark4181

    MAC PRO Case Mod

    Well, I'd want it to look as close to stock as possible.. Unless I bling it out, Cyprio-style O.O
  20. dark4181

    MAC PRO Case Mod

    If I did buy it, it would be for a Hackintosh project. I wouldn't rebuild a Mac Pro Let me see if I can unload my spare g5 case first
  21. dark4181

    MAC PRO Case Mod

    Do you have all the bits and bobs that come inside it? All the front panel stuff, HD racks, psu and drive bay shields and air zoning baffles?
  22. dark4181

    President-elect Obama

    smaller gov't = more free market, private sector jobs People that like Obama are just lazy Welfare collectors that think they're entitled to what they haven't earned Yea, I said it O.o
  23. dark4181

    MAC PRO Case Mod

    I've got an extra g5 case, if anyone wants a partial trade for a mac pro case. FYI, g5 cases are HEAVY on ebay right now
  24. dark4181

    President-elect Obama

    That is EXACTLY what I mean
  25. dark4181

    President-elect Obama

    The only thing I do agree with Obama on is taxing domestic born companies (MS, Dell, etc) that outsource to other countries to save money and deny jobs to Americans. To them, I say "Keep them here or pay the price"