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If you won the lottery....


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I would want to make a awesome gaming/virtulization pc/hackintosh.

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I have really not much desire for a huge amount of money.

As it has been already said, money can't buy what matters most, for instance:


1)Health if you have certain illnesses (I suffer from CFS)

2)Make you any younger

3)A nice, loving partner who isn't only after your money.

For 1.

Money help your daily life easier than hard ship on earning money.

Food bright good health or bad one.

i try Ohsawa vegan, not whole thing but I see i got better than before atleast to cold and flu in the mean time.

i saw other one is treated from cancer, tumor, diabidet...

For2 , that is the fact you are aged then yesterday, so people said you are younger than tomorrow.


If no more hack mac, it kill my hobby.

If I won one, I would help the one need as money, as opinion by me, not througth any charity.

I might sound a bit selfish, but first I'd buy at least a 12 core Mac Pro and a core i7 MacBook Pro, no more hacks :D

Current mac pro can't expand to the motherboard like used to be, can you live with that ?or you get thunderbold Peripheral.

If no more hack mac, it kill my hobby

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