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  1. If you won the lottery....

    Well, If I won atleast $60 million, 30mil would go to the AGA so it can start funding Professional Go Players. Pay off my small debt, finish school, and then live off of the interest. Maybe be a full time student.
  2. osx86 on a real mac?

    No, you have to use a Retail OS X disk. OSx86 is for Intel (x86) processors only.
  3. Should Apple buy a Linux distro?

    If you do a little study on OS X, Apple bought NeXT to use the mach kernel, so I doubt they would want to use an open source kernel. Second, they would not need to buy a Linux Distro to use the Linux Kernel, even though, again there would have no desire to use it. Even with that said though. Most linux source, pretty much any program, can be compiled in OS X. The other day, I was hanging out with a friend, and he stated that OS X was the perfect mix between the Power behind linux, and a great GUI, and I completely agree. Though your idea isn't a bad one, But OS X is already what you proposed.
  4. Boot Process Stalls After Loading mach_kernel

    From my experience, being stuck on loading mach_kernel is caused by using the wrong dsmos.kext. I believe you can use fakesmc.kext now instead though.
  5. We won't be seeing a third party kernel for quite some time. Apple didn't release the sources. Though, Apple doesn't release an open-source kernel, it just releases the source code.
  6. [Partially Solved] Gateway with x3100 Brightness Control

    my osx86 side crashed, so I'm no longer able to help with this. Sorry all. Even so, this is all I am able to do, I just pieced it together from what i found on other threads. Hope someone else can pick up on this.
  7. I would just check out the wiki, its still the best place to compare hardware for OS X, but most people forget its there. OSx86 Wiki
  8. Penta (5) Boot

    I would use boot-132, best for updating
  9. Penta (5) Boot

    You could do it. Chameleon should work fine. I would recommend just picking one version of windows. If all your hardware supports Windows 7 I recommend that, if not, go with XP. All three windows is nice for bragging rights, but in all reality, a complete waste of HDD space.
  10. Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family

    The 965 is also the x3100. There are plenty of threads here on it.
  11. Intel 82945G Driver

    I believe this chipset uses the GMA950 graphics, just start working with that. The Freak
  12. UPDATE I have been able to get brightness control by editing the dsdt file. I will post how I did this later. The new problem though is, even though I do get brightness control, It is uneven. The highest three are useable, the next two, the screen is unevenly lit. The rest all give a dark screen. I am unsure if anyone knows how to fix it. I'm not sure if this can be fixed in the dsdt file. Search for the backlight section in the attached dsdt file, and copy it into the same section of yours. Then compile it. I have brightness control when I boot the Install DVD (ideneb 10.5.6). I also have control when during boot, but lose it halfway through. I was wondering if anyone had a fix on this yet. I've been searching the forums with little luck, but I'm most likely just being blind. Thanks in Advance EDIT: I don't want shader software, I want to do this to increase my battery life. dsdt_fixed.txt.zip
  13. Darwine + Crysis - DirectX - DLL Hell = Horrible mess

    I am going to have to say, chances are, even with wine you won't get Crysis to run. Wine did just reach 1.0 though, but even then, Your odds are against you, Cider would have a better chance of working, since its essentially a Cedega port. Good luck though, Its a project I would do, specially since It shouldn't work lol. The Freak
  14. Cider 1632

    Cools, thanks for the upload, I'll start working on a few games now tonight. . TheFreak
  15. Have tried other disks, say another large game, or maybe a DVD movie. If that does the same thing, its more then likely your drive. Though what you can do, is download WoW from the patch mirrors section at WoW wiki, or even using the official WoW downloader. It takes awhile, but It may fix it. Hope this helps TheFreak