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  1. I have a 2nd core 2 quad hackintosh I don't use much since getting my i7, so I'm planning to turn into a webserver/internal fileserver. I want to keep it running osx, so it can also help out the i7 on large video/Maya renders, and well because I don't really know Linux and I don't want to worry about MS vulnerabilities. So now I'm wondering if I should run Apache/MySQL/PHP from Mac, or if I should run a linux server inside a virtual machine (probably vmware fusion)? I kinda like the idea of the linux box as a stepping stone to learn Linux, but I'm wondering if the VM would take up too much system resources to make it useful as a rendernode? The sites being hosted are just school projects and personal sites with hardly any traffic (although I'd hope eventually that will change), and the fileserving is pretty much limited to me watching a movie on a laptop in another room (not while rendering). anyone with experience on a MAMP server or running LAMP in a box have any advice for me? If I go MAMP should I install Snow Leopard Server or is that not really necessary for my intended use? Or with Linux, any particular distribution that might be better for use on a virtual machine, or as a webserver only setup? Machine specs are in my sig - thanks in advance to any who would share their wisdom with me!
  2. lsdelirious

    Is it because of Hackintosh?

    usually whenever I've had this happen, its been the RAM not the motherboard... so definitely try that next if you find the problem persists with the replacement board
  3. lsdelirious

    Problems with Pen-Tablet driver install

    I know this post is super old, but the OS X driver can be found here: http://www.uc-logic.com/service/service.html The disk that came with my tablet (bought in 2007, maybe 08) worked with 10.6.4 through Rosetta but had issues where the mouse would not let me left click when the pen was plugged in. the mouse would work after unplugging the tablet but then the table would not work until the computer was restarted with it plugged in. Installing the updated driver from the site and then unplug/replug the tablet seems to have solved this problem. Hopefully this helps anyone who comes across this page Googling "WP8060U" like I did
  4. lsdelirious

    Why no netbooks/notebooks in the Database?

    I know I've submitted several compatible pieces of hardware and some several months later they have yet to be added, so it could be that the database is no longer being updated, either for lack of staff time or because it seems almost all newer hardware is compatible these days.... A laptop/netbook section would be nice, as it would help a lot shopping around if you intend to make a hackbook before your purchase (its not like you can swap in compatible parts!). The problem I see here is the way that manufacturers sometimes create a large group of part numbers to represent different system configurations. It could easily get cluttered with duplicate entries from a manufacturer that use the same motherboard but has 30 different model numbers to account for variations in processor speeds or installed ram. Or perhaps 2 confusingly similar model numbers which vary by a critical component like video or audio, which might not be apparent unless someone took the time to check the components first...
  5. If repeated off topic posting by the same users is a big problem you could institute a "3 strikes system" 1st strike: When the user logs on, a warning message pops up notifying them off the offense, and makes them read the forum rules and make them check a box next to each rule one by one, or you make them take a randomized multiple choice quiz based on the forum rules, without the rules present(closed book test!). 2nd strike: A warning on log on informs them they are barred from starting new threads for 2 days, maybe on their first post after the ban is lifted, an annoying ask pops up "Is this the right forum for this thread?" "are you sure?" etc... 3rd strike: A warning on log on informs them they are barred from starting new threads replying to existing ones threads, or pm users for 7 days. All they can do is read topics, PM mods and edit their profile. Maybe during the 7 day period there's a floating box with the forum rules in the corner at all times. I was going to add auto-kicking them to the lo-fi version of the site but I guess they could just log off.. I mean maybe my examples are a bit harsh but you get the idea...
  6. lsdelirious

    Hi, where do I start?

    It's not necessarily a bad idea, it just might be easier for a first timer... with 10.5 there's a larger pool of experience and kexts to draw from having been around for a few years longer... and no 64 bit issues to worry about. But if you already have Snow Leopard then might as well go for it, and if you cant get it to work then try a Leopard install. Just my Good Luck!
  7. lsdelirious

    Do something about the trolls

    Not necessarily... setting a very short timer (ie 2-3 sec) would cut down on spamming by bots (unless they were reprogrammed to wait, in which case it would slow them down). And as for human spammers... well it is true that a user might copy/paste, but are real users REALLY going to paste the same message in multiple forums in a short period of time? Seems to me like that would violate the site rule Only post your post once (1) anyways... Also spam messages tend to be only a few sentences, where as things most users would write out and copy/paste like tutorials or code examples would tend to be longer, so you could probably tweek it to only analyze messages of typical spam length. Php's similar_text() does a decent job and wouldnt be thrown off by single character changes... http://php.net/manual/en/function.similar-text.php As for CPU stress, I don't think it would be too bad if you only targeted users with fewer than say 25 posts, posting several messages in seperate threads within a short period of time... No need to check every post, only the last few and average out the %similarity. The only real problem I see with this idea is handling exceptions for quotes. Also instead of analyzing the entire message, you could just try analyzing urls posted, since once again only a spammer is going to go around linking to the same site several times in unrelated threads in a short period of time. It still wouldn't stop spammers with a bank of different urls, but it would have stopped that Chinese Shoe/Clothing spammer over last weekend... I know neither of these are perfect solutions but combined (ie how quickly did a user post messages of a certain similarity in unrelated topics?) I think they would be quite effective... no it wont stop the most determined spammers, but in my experience the majority will move on to an easier target rather than expend the effort to get around your filters
  8. lsdelirious

    Hi, where do I start?

    I would definitely install OSX on your 2nd hard drive.. if you don't have another working mac/hack then t can be a pain to fix things if you don't know how to use the terminal. Atleast with a working XP, you could install MacDrive and delete or copy kexts if you mess something up where it wont boot (just make sure you repair permissions in OSX after MacDrive touches the drive). Also you can use XP to easily look up your vendor and device IDs if you are having a hard time finding kexts (drivers) You might try Leopard (10.5) first before you attempt Snow Leopard. My training wheels were iAtkos (10.5.5). I had to attempt a few installs before I figured out which extra kexts I needed to get it up and running stable, but now that I understand what the options do I've had no trouble installing to 4 different machines. When you're installing be sure to use the -v boot flag so you can see any error messages. Just google them and you should find out what the problem is. If you really look around (this is only 1 of many hackintosh sites) I'm sure you can find someone with your board and see what kexts they needed. Also pay attention to your bios settings, sometimes they can have unexpected effects (example: with STAC9274D audio on DX48BT2 board, audio will appear to work but give no sound if the Marvell Secondary Sata controller is turned off in the bios!) My Final advice is once you get up and running and get things just right, get an extra drive and make time machine backups. That way if something gets wiped out during an update and you can't figure out how to fix it, you can just go back to the point BEFORE you updated and not update or do better research first. Oh and I would seriously doubt that Rosewill wireless card is gonna work....
  9. lsdelirious

    Do something about the trolls

    I wrote the php mailer script for my companies website, and one way we've really cut down on spam is setting a php session variable for the current time when the page loads and comparing time it took to fill it out... so if the form submitted in under 5 seconds, we know its going to be a bot because a human couldn't possibly fill out the required fields that quick even with an address assistant plug in. You could try something similar, have a script to check for a certain ratio of text submitted to time it took to submit to cut down on spammers copy & pasting messages... worst case it would slow them down. Another way would be to add a script that compares recent postings for similarity, since only a spammer is going to post essentially identical messages in unrelated threads. Too many identical postings, and it deletes/hides all instances of that post.
  10. lsdelirious

    Do something about the trolls

    This site could always add a feature that allows logged in users to permanently ignore comments from specific users. That way users could self filter out the worthless posters... maybe if a certain member got enough ignores it would trigger a notice for an admin to review their account, or even just auto hide their comments YouTube style ala "Comment hidden due to low rating" Not sure if that would put too much stress on the database, but the php would be pretty easy to code
  11. lsdelirious

    HackPro with Hardware SSD RAID

    Progress!: 1) used the sanitary erase utility from ocz since I had gotten the 4 drives over a 3 week span, and had used one of them on FW v1.4 before updating to 1.5. This seemed to make the raid drive a bit more snappy and didnt get any freeze/hang issues when reformatting like i had seen sometimes before. Install still failed at essentials.pkg 2) dropped ram from 1333 @ 1.9v to board default of 1033 @ 1.54v since i saw threads about essential.pkg install failures being related to ram issues. Machine would restart itself randomly mid-install. Changed back to 1333 2) Pulled drives out of backplane (shared 1x molex power) and connected each to individual sata power. Seemed to help at first, install got much further than I'd ever seen it before but still failed right before the end. 3) tried time machine restore, no dice. hang around 7-12% in 4) kept messing around with raid settings, and finally 32k stripe with "cache policy:none" worked! Install went fine, cant access the SSD Raid EFI partition (error 13?) but can still boot with my 7200RPM raid partition. Had it running for a few hours last night, seemed very stable. However I'm a bit disappointed at the speed, apps still seem to take about the same time to load, and when I ran xbench the disk scores were almost half what I'd seen before with my default 64k + "cache: write-back", although I took a 10gb video and copied it back and forth between the SSD raid and the 7200RPM Raid and it was 300+MB/s both ways. Hopefully thats just the 7200 set being the bottleneck because with 4 vertex turbos I should think it would be more like 400+... oh and I put them back into the backplane, still works fine so now not sure it matters its weird it suddenly works as I've had tried cache:none with a few different stripe settings, no luck. I'm tempted to try 64k as it seemed faster but I'm a little worried I wont get it working at 32k again, plus I kinda worry I'm needlessly wearing down the drive repeatedly reformatting and reinstalling. But can't really well depend on a system that just happed to work on a fluke lol atleast we know its not a limitation of the C2Q systems
  12. lsdelirious

    HackPro with Hardware SSD RAID

    I went to the NAB Convention (National Association of Broadcasters), Highpoint actually had booth there. I was trying to talk to the rep about my problem but her English wasn't so good, and she just kept telling me to buy the new 8port SATA 6gb 6XX series card coming out in June lol. But supposedly the older cards have tested with various ssd raids with no issues... one weird thing the RR temp monitor reports 491 Deg for the ssds, not sure if that means anything since getting back I've tried setting each as just single disks (still through the card) and doing software raid in OSX, still no dice. Do you have your disks in a backplane unit? I have mine in an iStar 5.25" 4x bay, kinda wondering if the single shared molex power could be a issue, but I'm hesitant to unplug them as the sata connectors feel like they could easily break with repeated plug/unplug. But if you're not using one then I can probably rule that out.
  13. lsdelirious

    HackPro with Hardware SSD RAID

    q9950 stock at 2.83 ghz, intel dx48bt2 board, evga 8800gt 1gb ddr3 akimbo, 8gb ddr3 1333 patriot viper, rocketraid 4320, 4x ocz vertex turbo FW v1.5 (in a BPU-124-SS backplane), 4x WD 320gb 16mb 7200 SATAII, 700W PSU. Running 10.6.3 w/ Chameleon RC4... had no problems installing or updating to 10.6.2 or 10.6.3. 4th ssd arrived today, hasn't made any impact as far as installation stability. Hardware should theoretically be compatible based on RR/ssd raid youtube videos I've seen - if ssds were a problem with this card I dont see why it would work fine for normal usage but be incompatible to install on.... the one common thread ive noticed with success stories is i7 chips, so wondering if my C2D/x48/ICH9R cant keep up? I might just have to test them in pairs to see if one might be bad. also have to test without the backplane and swap RR sata cables in case there is a bad connection... did you try using the ocz sanitary erase utility? I've gotten my 4 drives separately so curious if uneven usage might be messing with the raid if there's uncollected garbage
  14. lsdelirious

    HackPro with Hardware SSD RAID

    I've got 3 OCZ Vertex Turbo 60gb (4th on the way) as well as 4x320GB 7200 RPM in RAID 0 on a rocketraid 4320. Currently the 7200RPM drives are my system disk but I want to make the SSD Raid the system disk and I cant get snow leopard to install for the life of me! It seems to get stuck processing essentials.pkg, either the install will go for an hour with no progress after reaching essentials.pkg or it will fail to read the pkg 3 times and give the yellow exclamation failure message. Trying the mpkg also results in the yellow exclamation failure message. It works fine installing to spinning drive raid so cant see it being the raid card or the disk image. I've also tried the carbon copy cloner but I always seem to get a kernal panic before the cloning completes. I've also noticed with my SSD raid it gives an error (code 13?) when trying to mount the efi partition Just wondering if any of you with SSD Raid setups went through this or if maybe one of the drives in the raid might be bad? When i just copy files back and forth its totally fine, so its only during an install attempt. I've tried playing around with the stripe sizes and cache policies but so far nothing has worked...
  15. lsdelirious

    [1st Build] Project Tiffany

    Should have gone with matching Vertex Turbos, the price difference between Agility and Turbo isn't that much (i just bought 2 vertex turbo 60gb for $189 each after rebate w/ no tax + free shipping from amazon, tiger direct) and besides the added speed, with matching ssds you could have put them in a RAID configuration down the road... As for NewEgg, I've bought a total of 5 items from them... 4 were defective out of the box, and 1 was not as pictured/described - I still read the reviews but I'll never buy from them again