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Have you heard about masonry ?

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I have the feeling Da Vinci's Code book will be a hit again this year. I can't wait to see the movie and can't help wonder what the Christians will do about portrayal of Christ in the move. I really hope it's a close as the book...


T. Hanks + R. Howard = Big summer hit!!!

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To start , as far as i know this is a real dangerous and hard and mysterious and also that much unrevealed topic.


All masonic foundations are somehow related with Bnai Brith including Lions, Rotariens , Bilderberg and Diners Club Members.


I dont wanna go so far ..but let me wait for someone to write first ....

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No really, nothing to do with


Bnai Brith

B'nai Brith Canada is the independent voice of the Jewish community, representing its interests nationwide to government, NGO's and the wider Canadian public.




The current major service commitment of Lions Clubs International is the prevention and reversal of blindness. It is also a service club to meet people for business.



The Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions was adopted by the Rotary International Council on Legislation in 1989 to provide more specific guidelines for the high ethical standards called for in the Object of Rotary



This one seems to a part of a myth ;>))



Diners Club Members (????)

Humm, this is a credit card service, like some other. May be "a litle bit" more exclusive.


But, you certainely can find peoples that joined one of those ans are alo mason, even if there is the goals are not the same. People have usualy differents activies. From my side, I did not joigned one of those.


If you want learn about masonry, I suggest few links






And, because Masonry are also exciting some crazy one, I also include some ANTI-Masonry links. Those are specialy terrible ;>))





All the best,



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I'd like to just ask that no one start something and talk about BS Jewish conspiracies, Satanism, etc. If it happens, look for edits to happen...


Anyway, I have nothing really against them and their principles, other than the obvious sexism. :gun: I consider myself a deist, though.

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It's sexism, but in a 'gentile' sort of way. i.e. females are excluded from the ceremonies, but they are catered for with all sorts of social functions, ladies' nights and so on. A relative of mine is an English Freemason and confirms that everything you read about the 'ritual' is pretty much accurate and that it's more of a sort of little-boys-grown-up club where they do pointless, but harmless ceremonies. At least up to the "third degree" which is as far as he got before he lost interest. Apparently the book "Darkness Visible" contains a word-perfect description of all the 'secrets'. I believe US Freemasonry is much more relaxed but I really have no idea about that.


I have nothing against Freemasonry per se, but if females were suddenly admitted I wouldn't bother joining.

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My grandfather was one, but never really talked about it. My brother and I sneaked into his room and read his handbook when we were younger. All very weird, but I suspect harmless. They're big on trowels, too.

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