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  1. best laptop, most compatible...

    It means that the new Mac kernel are designed specifically for Intel-Mac machine's dual core and won't work that well with generic intel dual core machines. Yeah, why don't you just save up another month or two to buy MB? I know you want to
  2. What class will you be enrolled to? If design, then you're good to go with a Macbook Pro. Trust me, although they do upgrade their spec regularly, your new shiny notebook will scream (in a positive way) to any software that you throw. If however, you're taking other major (such as business), then you won't need any of the Pro line. A decent spec-ed MacBook should be enough (but don't forget to dual-boot with XP). Even the business application is growing on Mac, there's still some "niche" software that won't be available in the near future (in my case, a program for Crystall-Ball financial simulation -- have to make it from scratch).
  3. So Apple never made a black headphones and thus they won't make anything black in the future. What a great logic you got there! No one ever predict that Apple will release a black Macbook (although some longing to) and voila! They released it under our nose. So blackheadphones in the future? Why not? I agree with you in this. The immage is a complete fake and it's been around for quite sometime on the net now. Again, why not? They use iPod as the name to immitate the success of iMac (which stands for internet-mac in the old days). Heck, they even use the word "i" almost on all of their software (iChat, iCal, iWhatever...). So why won't they use it again in the future? People have their own preferred design and you can't enforce it to anyone and everyone. Some people do think that big and fat mobile phone are sexy! Plus, the design (although fake) isn't that bad. Want some proof? I bet my ear that you can't come up with a design better than that (of course it's figuratively speaking). What are you trying to imply on this? That everything must be English/American? Pft... I'm sickened by the guys like you. FYI, 20 minutes are a REAL newspaper in France. The real concept behind their business is actually to make a newspaper that people can spend not more than 20 minutes reading it back to back. They are somewhat a success there (yeah I learned it on my case-study class). Remove the gossips from your life and you have a life of a priest (heck, even they gossiped too!)