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system profiler crash fix


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The original Forum is at osx86scene. 'thought i'd share it. If the OP of the file or mods here object's to the attachment, delete it and look for the original post at the other site.


Hey All,


I'm making this guide, as many users on IRC have mentioned their System Profiler was not working on AMD/SSE2 Systems - This is due to it dividing by 0, hence the crash.


It's a very simple process. So if you have Leopard working you'll have no problem with this!


1) Download SPPlatformReporter.spreporter.

2) Extract the Zip file, and browse to /System/Library/SystemProfiler - delete SPPlatformReporter.spreporter

3) Copy the SPPlatformReporter.spreporter you extracted from the zip file to /System/Library/SystemProfiler

3) Open Terminal and run the following commands:


Terminal Code:

sudo -s

chmod -R 755 /System/Library/SystemProfiler/SPPlatformReporter.spreporter

chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/SystemProfiler/SPPlatformReporter.spreporter

rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions.mkext



4) Reboot.


OS X will now allow you to start System Profiler as per normal.





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Iguru. It doesnt work under ToH rel.


It *does* work in ToH (I am using it now), and it confirms my suspiscions: CI/QE is working (X1600PRO AGP), but resolution switching is not.


ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe

P2 2.6C@ 2.85 GHz


200 GB SATA HDD (Vista Ultimate/Ubuntu 7.10 dual-boot)

80 GB PATA HDD (ToH Leopard SL with all updates + SP fix + X1600 QE/CI fix for 71c1)

Onboard Intel gigabit (working)

Onboard ADI1985 sound (working)

(ATI Radeon X1650PRO AGP 512 MB (CI/QE works, but resolution switching does not)


Applications installed:

Office:mac '08 beta (working)

iWork '08 trial

Yahoo Messenger 3.0 beta 2 (working)

Microsoft Messenger 6.03 (working)

Firefox (working)

Transmission (.torrent app) (working)

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