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  1. system profiler crash fix

    I found the file and have reuploaded it. Media Fire http://www.mediafire.com/?n12mtdmjdyq Rapidshare http://rapidshare.com/files/365567380/SPPl...porter.zip.html 2 Shared http://www.2shared.com/file/12222956/c0bc3...spreporter.html
  2. BadAxe2 Install problem

    I use memtest every time i get new ram but when i was finished building this computer i said to myself what are the chances. But after about 3 months of beating the hell out of myself cause i couldn't get it to finish the install, I popped in the memtest disc and i instantly had errors. Im just glad that GSkill has a lifetime warranty and i was only without a computer for about 5 days. I highly recommend GSkill because of the lifetime warranty.
  3. BadAxe2 Install problem

    Ok fixed just sent the ram to GSkill for an exchange. GSkill has a really good warranty policy, I highly recommend them.
  4. BadAxe2 Install problem

    I was reading a page that i found on google and it said they were having problems installing on real macbooks with 3rd party ram and i have a 2gb stick of gskill ram. I am going to order a 1gb stick from tiger direct later today so i can see if that helps.
  5. BadAxe2 Install problem

    The iso is fine and i have tried 4 different dvd drives with Verbatim DVD+R at lowest speed possible and it still says "Could not validate contents of the "Essentials". If i could just figure out how to disable the checking of the folder then i would be fine.
  6. BadAxe2 Install problem

    Now that i think about it I think that the iso i downloaded was not a good iso if any of you could recomend witch website to get a good kalyway iso.
  7. BadAxe2 Install problem

    Ok i have now tried burning on a different drive with new media (Verbatim) and i still have the error "Could not validate contents of the "Essentials" It will install on a different machine fine.
  8. BadAxe2 Install problem

  9. BadAxe2 Install problem

    Every cd i burn even if it is an audio cd i always burn at lowest speed. I have tried all of these cds in other computers and they work perfectly. I used the program burncdcc which i have used for many years without any problem and all of the cds where burned at 1x.
  10. BadAxe2 Install problem

    Thank you I did not know that the chipset on the badaxe2 was not compatible so when I can aford the new sata hardrive or borrow my freinds I will install with either kalaway 10.5.1 or leo4allv3. Oh and i have both a usb mouse and keyboard.
  11. BadAxe2 Install problem

  12. BadAxe2 Install problem

    bump plz help
  13. BadAxe2 Install problem

  14. BadAxe2 Install problem

    I have seen that and i was going to try that but i was going to see if i could spare myself some dvds. because i already have the ones i listed burned.
  15. BadAxe2 Install problem

    My system specs are MOBO: D975XBX2 (BADAXE2) DVD Drive: Samsung IDE Hardrive: 250gb Seagate Ram: 2gb(1 x 2gb) Gskill DDR2800 Processor: Pentium Dual Core 2.2Ghz Graphics Card: MSI Geforce NX8800GT Every time i try to install it sits there and says installing Mac OS X then a couple minutes later after no progress it says cannot verify contents of Leopard 10.5.2 or whatever the folder is for each install DVD. Thanks for the help in advance.