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  1. Toshiba Satellite u300

    It works OOB. If you replace wi-fi with dell card, then there is only two problems. 1) No sound after wake. 2) Cardreader doesn't work Working setup require few additional kexts 1) my kext which fix volume knob 2) kext with fix USB from superhai AFAIR (for working sleep) 3) if you want power savings, if I'm not mistaken there is kext from superhai also
  2. 1) I've seen this also couple of times, during development of my own version of similar boot-loader. Sometimes IntelCPUPMDisabler, when it is loaded from mkext doesn't properly work. But I didn't investigate this problem more closely. 2) I guess Munky's boot-loader still capable of loading kexts separately, not from mkext image, then you can try to copy your kexts to /Volumes/EFI/System/Booter/Extensions (you will have to create this directory). You will also need to make sure that you don't have /Volumes/EFI/System/Booter/Extensions.mkext , then boot-loader will load extensions from /Volumes/EFI/Booter/Extensions 3) Munky's ./update.sh will complain about absence of extensions.mkext on very first run, whene there is no mkext yet. If it is complaing on second/third/... run, then it doesn't create mkext and you probably doing something wrong, for example mounted partition to different mountpoint ( not /Volumes/EFI ). Path is hardcoded to Munky's update.sh. Munky, I suggest to remove hardcoded path and discover mount-point from output of "mount". In this case you free to mount to different mount-point, which is handy, when you boot into single-user mode and don't mount / as rw, so then you obviously don't have /Volumes/EFI and mount EFI partition to some other point. Also I found that your boot-loader goes into boot-menu even if you have only one bootable partition and only one way to skip it is to create com.apple.Boot.plist on EFI partition with proper timer-out. I believe it is misbehavior and heritage from original boot-132, which goes into boot-menu when it can't find Boot.plist on current partition (and loader automatically tries to read Boot.plist from EFI partition before main work-loop in the code), which should be removed in case of EFI partition.
  3. GUID to MBR conversion

    The short answer is yes You can run "gptsync" tool to create hybrid GPT/MBR partitioning from existent GPT. Then you can destroy GPT very simple, just run fdisk and delete in it first EFI partition (hidden partition, size is about 200 MB), then fdisk will rewrite MBR and occasionally destroy GPT signature, so disk will be recognized later as MBR-only.
  4. porting alsa?

    Hi, I have general question. Remembering how many time and efforts has been spent by different people to get working audio with different codecs, isn't it more optimal just to start kind of joined project for writing wrapper for alsa drivers (at least PCI drivers)? This, in theory, would bring support for all devices supported by alsa to OSX world. At least, on a first look, porting of hda-intel driver seems to be reasonably easy task. Of course, time is a limit, as usually Did somebody try it already?
  5. no sound after wake-up from sleep

    I investigated this problem on my Toshiba U300 with ALC268. I tried to develop kext which will fix issue after wake, without any success so far. It seems that there is a problem of changing power states in HDA driver. method getPowerState() for AppleHDAController class instance returns 1 before sleep and 0 after. Manual enforcing powerstate to 1 doesn't work. Basically, problem of wake/sleep is reproducible by calling methods changePowerStateTo(0) and then changePowerStateTo(1) , after this sound is disappear. I believe that this is issue of broken ACPI in toshiba BIOS.
  6. Toshiba Satellite u300

    solution for volume knob: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...st&p=930510
  7. Volume Control won't stop turning up!

    Here is the solution. Replace ApplePS2Keyboard.kext with attached one. Don't sure that I did fix in the best way, but at least it works This is kext which is based on sources of original ApplePS2Keyboard.kext, with minor modifications to prevent this kind of misbehavior of Volume-Up and Volume-Down keys (our knob is volume keys). Guys, did you find any audio driver for U300/U305 which keep sound after wake from sleep? ApplePS2Keyboard.kext.zip
  8. Here is my guide how to convert GUID disk into something similar to EFIX and keep OSX volume untouched. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...amp;mode=linear
  9. Apple Mac OSWii

    It can be more fun to run OSX on new IBM's Power6 systems OSX on quad-cpu/dual-core Power6 at 6GHz - sounds nice
  10. Same for OSX. Difference that for many-pages documents you will be also able to see other pages in Snow Leo, not only front page.
  11. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    So, now you mix this bootloader + kexts on usb flash and you got efix Idea anyway was flying in the air for months, since the moment when netkas did PC-EFI. I believe that boot from usb-flash (efix in fact is the same) - is a way for OSX86.
  12. раскладка языка

    На MBP она на клавише, на которой знак параграфа.На писишной клавиатуре аналогичной клавиши нет. Единственный вариант - это чем-то типа ControllerMate ремапить. Как вариант, ввести "йо" можно так:переключиться на английскую, затем Option+u, затем "e". Только это не совсем "йо", это умляуты, или как там. Но выглядит так же. Спелчекер правда рукаться будет вот пример: 1) ë - это такая "как бы йо", набраная на писишной клавиатуре. 2) ё - настоящая . Легко убедиться, что это разные символы с разными кодами.
  13. Of course. I just want to draw attention to this side of problem. Guys really parasitize. Are they going to pay netkas, for example, and tens of other major developers? Not! Did they ask for permission? Not! But are they going to bring us problems? Yes! Do you think that they are doing right? And my activity not addressed to Apple. I just want to rise some interest to this side. All media write only about one side of medal.