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Mac Pro with RAID card avaliable


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Apple added a new built to order option for their Mac Pro series. It's a new dedicated RAID card option:


The Mac Pro RAID card offers improved performance and data protection to your Mac Pro system -- up to 304MB/s of sequential read performance in RAID 0. Ideal for video and creative professionals with demanding storage needs as well as for tower server applications, this hardware RAID option supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 0+1, and Enhanced JBOD. It has 256MB of cache and an integrated 72-hour battery for protecting the RAID cache. The card occupies the top PCI Express slot (slot 4) and connects to the four internal drive bays.


However, it does not come cheap... in fact, your Mac Pro's price will be increased instantly to $999 greater than what it cost before the option was added. That's right, the card costs a whopping 1K on it's own.


Mac Pro product page

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