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  1. jglavin

    Google releases Picasa for Mac

    Picasa web albums (std) has a total size limit of 1gb, so if you could upload a 1 gig movie it would take up all your space...
  2. http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/appl...update2009.html Is that the same update?
  3. jglavin

    Steve Jobs takes health hiatus

    Steve, you made Apple the company it was from nothing, went off and did your thing, came back and basically resurrected it again. Take a break, enjoy your life. Let's see what the young'ns can do. That's what I think. On the other hand, what will the PC world be like without Steve?
  4. Hey, anyone think there's a chance the new li-poly custom shaped battery technology will make its way into a "battery upgrade" for the 15" MBP?
  5. jglavin

    Google releases Picasa for Mac

    I use picasaweb, and there really aren't enough compelling features to switch to Picasa over iPhoto/plugin.
  6. I was a bit wary of the trackbutton or whatever you wanna call it, but I've gotten quite used to it on my 15" Unibody MBP. It is, however, very finnicky if you boot into Windows. I find that you pretty much have to use a mouse for that, but I only use Windows for Autocad anyway so its fine.
  7. WHY did they make the battery non-removable on the 17" MBP? edit- didn't read closely enough, oops. still wondering why the new tech battery can't be swappable...
  8. jglavin

    uTorrent Mac 0.90 Beta Released

    I reckon the speed/small footprint, mostly.
  9. Hah, sorry. I must not read these fora enough.
  10. I'm not quoting research here, but IIRC the claim was that Microsoft tried to use their domination of the OS market to cripple competitor's software and force users to stay with their products (IIRC it was mostly a web browser issue). The monopoly case really had nothing to do with hardware IMO. It was all a quite messy issue with which I am still not sure I agree or disagree. If it is true that they deliberately wrote software which crippled netscape/whatever in Windows, that is a monopolistic move, but it is also possible that Netscape wasn't written as well as IE (did I just say that?). Apple sells a hardware/software product, one is not really tied to the other, they are a single product together. Apple hardware is perfectly capable of running competitor's software, this is one of the features they tout. So, what exactly do they have a monopoly on? Their own product? Everyone has and always will have the option of shopping elsewhere for hardware and software. I have never seen any reason for Apple to offer any sort of 3rd party hardware support, when people have so, SO many other OS options. Some of which are decent. The whole philosophy of the Mac is that with strict control of the hardware the software experience can be guaranteed. It is the same as a lot of other types of products where the brand provides all aspects of the product, like a car dealer. Does BMW have a monopoly of the car market? Nope, just of BMWs. And would you really want it any other way? The one thing that irks me (and many others) about Apple is their lack of variety in their hardware lineup. But, of course, this is up to them. I understand that.
  11. jglavin

    Happy Birthday To....Mac OS X!

    Does an Apple IIGS with a GUI count as a mac? If so, that was my first one at home, system 3 or 4 IIRC Replaced an 8086 that would serve best as a boat anchor
  12. My favorite argument among this whole thread is still Angelina Jolie vs. Judge Judy. :censored2:
  13. A 64 gig SSD Hard Drive is $1500 on Newegg, and the 128 is $3000! Seems to fit pretty well with the Apple markup.
  14. I've never heard of people having problems with IR remotes and Fluorescent bulbs... I light my living room with fluorescents, no problems here... but here's an article about it - Consumer Reports Article on CFL Interference So, basically, if the bulb is energy star certified the output should be within a limit so as not to cause problems with your electronics. Not sure what the equivalent of Energy Star is over there... (edited to save room)
  15. jglavin

    Apple Stock Breaks $200!

    When was the last time it split?