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  1. Apple iMacs Updated!

    Yahh! With HDMI The best is: Penryn 2.0 ghz 3MB Santa Rosa = 965GM (x3100) ICH8M HD 2400 XT 2GB DDR2 800 200GB HD. Price = 700-800$
  2. HD 2400 CI QE and DVI, ok, but i need white menu fix Thx. Sleep dont work, after wakeup image being corrupt
  3. Apple iMacs Updated!

    I want new Mac Minis, with Penryn Core 2 Duo and GMA x3100 and more smaller
  4. The Hackintosh: Delivered

    Psystar install ORIGINAL MAC OSX LEOPARD without any modifications? How they do it? Just insert retail OSX leopard on psystar dvd and it will be instaled? sorry english.
  5. Leo4All V3, how-to get CI and QE for HD 2400 PRO.
  6. JaS 10.5.2 Intel SSE2 SSE3 Beta

    When??? for final version? anyone will test beta release?
  7. Jas 10.5.3 Amd/Intel Testers- Come Here ASAP TO JOIN!

    Thx, its will be great! 10.5.3
  8. update for me is Ok, i use vanilla kernel
  9. HD 2400 PRO 256 PCI EX

    Well, if 10.5.2 without update, Core Image and Quartz extreme stay working. 10.5.2 is good, use much less memory. EDIT: I know how get 10.5.2 + ALL update + Core Image + Quartz Extreme in HD 2400 PRO with DVI! PIC Take a look. To get ALL WORK, with Kalyway 10.5.1 just: -Install, -Get work CI and QE. -With CI and QE working, do ALL updates from software update less 10.5.2. -Get Kalyway 10.5.1-10.5.2 and Kernells 9.2 vanilla or patched. -Install both, selecting the kernel with u want. -After, install Apple Graphics for Leopard, download it in Apple Site, AND DONT RESTART. -Get work CI and QE, and reboot.
  10. HD 2400 PRO 256 PCI EX

    THX!!!!! But, u have all update? Graphics? itunes, quicktime, ilife? With me its work, but after 10.5.2 + ALL updates for Apple update, it doesnt works anymore
  11. HD 2400 PRO 256 PCI EX

  12. 8500 GT

    8500GT PCI EX 256MB, with that works perfectly? With CI QE 10.5.2 + Graphics update and everything?
  13. HD 2400 PRO 256 PCI EX

    Ok, my card works with triaks with 10.5.2, but AFTER instaled last Updates, like, Graphics Update, QT,Itunes,Ilife helper... Core Image and QE doesnt work any more. I have Kalyway 10.5.1 @ Comboupdate 10.5.2 + EFI + Kernel 9.2. HD 2400 PRO will work complete in Leopard FULL updated? What VGA works perfectaly with OSX? Maybe i will buy another. Sorry for english.