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  1. Just for clarification, would the button trigger real flames? Or is it not quite as cool a feature as it sounds? Thanks for the clarification on the news. I was wondering what was up the the mismatch, wasn't sure if that was SNAFU or something new.
  2. Apple: Form vs. Function

    I don't think that word means what you think it means. I'll be running on "old" hardware but I'll still be ahead of the new iMacs of that time. And it isn't about me but about the collective. Talk about lacking the ability to wrap your head around something. It is a constantly moving forward wave of people buying cards/computers. Redirect? Damn, you are pushing so hard to redirect you seem to have forgotten WTF we were talking about. OSX is a bad platform to target video games for to have commercial success [read: have food to eat]. Although the highest volume "sure bets" like Doom 3 have ventured in with ports. Now we are here in the discussion at the moment because you got your azz handed to you arguing there and figured you could try to argue that running Windows made Macs a viable gaming platform. But fact is Macs as a whole are at a hardware disadvantage, including the Intel based ones running Windows. Brand new, newly refreshed models are already behind the curve. Huh? I was talking about the computer separate from that the 2900XT. ? I bought them separately, it looked like you were talking about them separately. *shrug* Oh, and the GPU + Processor (AMD 5600+) was less than a bare bones bottom line Mini (not by much, but it was). Not that I've gotten that Mini model, have higher requirements than that. Once again you are churning bull that has already been dealt with. "Store bought" PCs come with 8800GTXs. That's a great place to start getting your thick head around. Not that it even matters since add-in cards are "store bought" too. And yes there are very low-end computers that are out there, but there just aren't any non-Mac Pros that are ahead of the curve (and the Mac Pros even lag the leaders) so they are low-end marginal gaming machines at best, and go down from there. Which makes it pretty damn bleak aiming at a Mac that is a year old or older. EDIT: Or well less than a year if the model wasn't a recent refresh at the time of purchase. If you had bought the Oct 2006 MBP just a few months ago, in the last month they were on sale new and direct from Apple, you sure wouldn't be playing Bioshock in any meaningful way. Even if you hack the video to have it run at stock x1600 clock speed, rather than the underclock Apple ships it at, Bioshock will bring it to it's knees (from reports of people attempting to play on x1600 cards). Yes game developers try to keep the mimimum down, and they aim to keep the core of "gamer" machines able to play. Not the majority of PCs [as they were intially sold] mind you, because there are so many POS with integrated mobo (3D games just aren't made to run on very best integrated video available circa the software's release). But game developers regularly aim for their game to take advantage of hardware higher than current norm at the time of release, hell it's not uncommon for them to aim higher than the top-end! Let's just toss that on the big pile of things you don't know, and seem unlikely to ever since you are demonstrating the memory retension of a gnat, OK? Yeah, you were done before you even started. You just didn't know it. You still don't.
  3. Mac OS X Leopard 9A527

    At that large size the lack of showing the wire mesh of the lower back of the empty trash basket really sticks out (for me). Not that it'll be common to display at that large on screen but the illusion is pierced for me now. Wonder how big the icon has to be before a significant number of people notice when looking at it?
  4. Apple: Form vs. Function

    That you don't have a sniff, you just never will, and you will continue to demonstrate such inspite of just how much of a fool you look like? Maybe. *shrug* Call it a weakness but my hope hasn't yet died. This I'm going to tuck away, should be quite a choice little quote to chew on in a few months. According to your beliefs all sorts of bizzare {censored} has occured/is occuring/will occur. Besides the coolio stainless steel sever case? Less than the Mini Mac. *shrug* How's that compare to the MBP? Not exactly "excellent" but usually passable. But they are different games. They used to be a lot different until some lines of PC games started getting the console gimp treatment. But how exactly does that make the Mac a good platform to develop games on? I suppose trying to deflect the by changing the subject is one way to handle getting a fact enima and looking like a fcuking idiot. Another is to just STFU. But that apparently the later isn't your style. Yes, because you have shown yourself to be extremely accurate and adept in noticing differences. Well I didn't actually pay $500, a good measure less that. Tax deduction too, which means it 'cost' a good deal less than that Wii. Didn't ask but I'm pretty sure my accountant would say 'no' to me claiming the later on my income tax. Plus I got some games and other goodies tossed in, I'm looking forward to this bad boy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Team_Fortress_2 in particular. And of course the card isn't going to be "obsolete" in a couple of months. In a year will it run the absolute most eye-candy on the biggest LCD at "acceptable" FPS? Nah, I'm not sure it would do that down on a 2560x1600 screen (that's more Ultra 8800 territory). But good enough and ahead of the curve enough that I could eBay it and maybe even recover my ful costs. I don't plan to though, I'll just OC it (apparently they are good cards for that) and run it till it gives up. Or give the whole machine to my older son. It is still crappy for playing, and isn't that the relavent part? And the iMac isn't going to be faster. It'll actually be a lot slower running at it's LCD's native resolution. Ergo the majority of Macs sold, the whole of which constitutes a small percentage of PC sales, are for {censored} for contemporary gaming right out of the box. The remaining minority of the high price tage Mac Pros are only somewhat lagging in video tech, though not nearly to the same extent. Making Macs a very poor market for game developers. ...falling into the category of looking dated. Oooo, that stings. Or not. Yes, let us see what we shall see. Well I will see, you'll be busy not being "lazy" showing all those professional game developers how to do it! Now please go do that. You'll still look like a fool but at least you'll be a quiet one.
  5. Apple: Form vs. Function

    Oops, missed that one. My bad, missed that indirect reference Yes, at this point I do tire easily trying to figure out WTF EFI is talking about. One mistake, yes feel free jump all over that! Enjoy! EFI's had very little opportunity afterall after a string of posts ranging from ill-informed to imbecilic. *thumbs up* Of course I STILL wouldn't have actually have changed the "slideshow" tag. An average of 20FPS is crappy. Actually 30FPS is crappy, 20FPS is very crapy. Studdering becomes pronounced for even the tolerant at around 16FPS and an average of 20FPS typically means dropping well into single digits. So yeah, that's fits the slang "slideshow" for me (hey, it be slang ). Interspersed with some periods of actual motion though it may be. Apparently it was enough that EFI didn't notice the shadows (or didn't actually get to that part of the demo) and the water effects (the latter of which seem to be much more evident in motion). Or EFI's an idoit. My money is on a little column A, a good portion of column B. But if full on idiot is his choice so then so be it! Of course the head-to-head benchmarking I've seen so far (haven't bothered to do it myself) has the difference between DX9 and DX10 at a couple % points or so, +/-, as opposed to %30 lower for DX10, methinks something else could be going on there...perhaps biological input error or some other factor. Of course they, FiringSquad, tested a run through of the Medical Center (one of the more intensive sections) and some of their other numbers look a bit suspect (they are reporting much lower 2900XT numbers than I'm and many others are seeing, there might have been PCI-e issues I've seen others mention, or they didn't have the required hotfix in, not sure). They also didn't bother test with the 8600/2600 cards. I'm going to take a shot in the dark that it wasn't a priority for them to test with those because it's been very obvious for some time that those cards are going to be {censored} for gaming on new games that aren't using DX10 for speed optimizations instead of adding eye-candy.Meaning yes, Macs are a poor choice for a gaming machine for someone interested in playing games (that aren't years old, or run in a mode that they look dated). Unless they've got the cash to drop on a Mac Pro and plus the cash to drop on a second video card that only gets used when they aren't booting OSX. Which of course someone unwilling to try make a living banking on that particular market segment is just "lazy". Of course EFI could stop being "lazy" and go write a game. He certainly feels highly knowledgable in the matter of all things graphic, shouldn't be a problem. Right? *cough* Actually it adds much more. Although the games released so far are implementing it all (up until Bioshock the DX10 enabled releases have been ports to PC, ick). But even Bioshock does add more than just particles. There are the water effects (hard to screenshot that) and improvements on shadows (check around, there are some of those on the net, the baby carriage scene is one where it is very pronounced). Plus I, at least, finde the difference in the particle effects quite dramatic, which is why I guess they get the attentions. Yeah, it isn't so much crippled as they just don't bother implement it themselves. However the hooks are there for vendors to write it on an even footing with DirectX, it just takes the vendors a while to get around to it.
  6. Leopard Receives Unix Certification

    Sure there are some optimizing issues ( see www.barefeats.com/doom3.html for comments from the company that did the port ) but it is interesting that the compiler itself was a considerable part of the CPU speed issues. Of course, regardless of the sources of lack of speed, it actually speaks towards a sizable upside of Macs running Intel CPUs. P.S. Of course my two main points were that: a) bixit didn't do a simple search for the minimum requirements for Doom3, maybe because he didn't realize how old the game is? the game isn't particularly CPU bound which is typical of most video games (with few exceptions)
  7. Apple: Form vs. Function

    ME get it staight? It was the first time you mentioned a number. "and the FPS being a lot lower." But whatever you like, so it was your own shortcoming that you didn't see it. My bad for making excuses for you. So what does it in your estimation take to make it on the "scene"? A lack of knowledge, an unwillingness/inability to learn, and a "f*ck the facts, my thinking is above that" mentality, with a nice set of jingoistic blinders? Damn.
  8. Apple: Form vs. Function

    - you just listed off less-than-leading-edge for top of the line performance PC parts *shrug* - I was giving the 2600 in the iMac credit, the XT is a faster card. Sorry I don't have the link handy for the info about why the 2600 might not be the 2600Pro it was initally assumed it was (because 2600Pro is a passive cooled card). - It isn't just particle effects in Bioshock, as you incorrectly asserted. For example the water is much different. No, I hadn't gone through a screen by screen, pixel by pixel breakdown....but I had at least played it (instead of seeing a small slideshow of it) Now you are just being a dumbAzz. Fine, go on the 'bafoon' list with MyMac8MyPC then. *shrug*
  9. iPhone unlocked: AT&T loses iPhone

    Screw Rogers. http://flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=452679328&size=o EDIT: Although iPhones are GSM, right? Not sure Telus does GSM.....nope, neither them nor Bell. I guess that's why Rogers/Fido are sticking it to us.
  10. Leopard Receives Unix Certification

    Re: Cell.Given the AMD/ATI merger it is a good bet you are going to see the equivalent of the Cell on an Intel x86/x64 chip before too long. AMD has indicated they intend to put a GPU on-die with the CPU. Which is basically what the Cell is, steam processing units coupled with a more traditional CPU core. Intel likely is working on following suit, if they aren't already ahead of the game. Not to say that that core is exactly the same as x64 cores, it is different. But sticking with Intel, or possibly switching to AMD but that's riskier given their current financial woes, would likely give a smoother transition path. BTW, a really farout thought is that Apple could currently buy AMD lock, stock, and sinking barrel with cash. But I wouldn't see that as much of a fit since AMD has never really had any market traction with their mobile computing CPUs and that's what Apple uses the most. Although ironically AMD has a bit of a history of migrating laptop CPU power saving tech into thier desktop CPUs.
  11. iPhone unlocked: AT&T loses iPhone

    Are there any money details on the deal between AT&T public? Does Apple get a cut of the monthly fee contracts?
  12. Leopard Receives Unix Certification

    Curiously enough the offical Doom3 minimum CPU speed requirements are the same G4 as they are for the P4, 1.5GHz (EDIT: and lower memory size requirements on the Intel for some reason). You can play on less than that if you stick to lower resolutions, have at least 512MB, and a good video card. I personally ran it on a 800MHz (!) Intel (EDIT: yes I know they didn't sell a P4 that slow, that was a PIII ) with 768MB and a Radeon 9600, and it was entirely playable.
  13. Delicious Library

    It isn't a matter of how many libraries. It is a matter of can I access the same library on a network drive from multiple machines simultaneously. So say I've got my library of about 800 DVDs (just an offhand guess, I'd have to ask my wife as she's the one that tracks that stuff for insurance) on a couple of TB RAID drives on my PC and playing a movie from that library on a, for example, ATV in the den off the kitchen on the main floor plus playing another movie (or the same movie?) using a Mini in an upstairs bedroom. Doable?
  14. Apple: Form vs. Function

    What does it matter if I can buy it 3rd party or pay Dell an extra few bucks to drop it in and have them worry about the drivers? It is still there and it is "fair"....and you are still full of {censored} to try exclude it. Hey, I guess you really can't include any of those radio button options on the Apple site either? Seeing how there are 3rd party suppliers where you can get the hardware cheaper? You having said it a "million" times before just puts emphasis on just how out of touch with reality you are and/or choose to be. LOL. I don't have the willpower refuse to learn and stick to actual facts as opposed to tromping off into some made up bullsh!t and try to hang an argument on some irrelavent matter of "fair"? That isn't "tech junkie", that's using rational thought to assess the situation at hand. You might try it sometime, it's pretty cool. This isn't a game of kickball in the schoolyard where you try to set up and rig some arbitrary rules for the purpose of evening out the chances of each team. You use "rules" that measure things is meaningful ways even that puts one team at an overwhelming [dis]advantage before they've even stepped on the field. You are just beaten down with facts and now you are trying some sort of desperate, last-ditch bid with a bizzare claim of knowledge of higher truth. Topping it off with a little "Windows" name calling. That, my friend, is the real sad truth.
  15. Apple: Form vs. Function

    What, you want me to type out "One....step...behind." again? .... You know, you are just so far out there...I'm just throwing my hands up as to where to even begin addressing your misconceptions. Hey, your movie links. But that isn't just your laptop. That's the iMacs too. You really think the 2600Pro is significantly speedier than the 8600 in the MBP? Sorry, my bad assuming you had at least a passing knowledge of the subject. I figured when it intersected with Macs you might. Well let me break it to you then, it isn't. There is a huge gap in the performance continum between the 2600-whatever is in the iMac (sounds like the iMac might not have an actual 2600Pro but instead an underclocked version of the next card up, the 2600XT) and the 2900XT. Big enough to easily squeeze in a couple of price-points ( http://www.tcmagazine.com/comments.php?shownews=15701 ) between the full 2600XT and the 2900XT. Not that NVidia doesn't already have a couple there themselves (the two GTS cards). I already addressed that a couple posts back. Yup, there are people running slower cards. But then there are people running old slow iMacs too. But still there isn't any cards to run the sizzle on to sell people on the games. Even though they'll never see the pic outside of marketing. Sounds goofy? Yup, it is. It's also the same reason that game promo materials will use prerendered shots that'll never show up in the game. They are selling a story. Welcome to the wonderful world of marketing. *shrug* You can buy these graphic cards in retail stores. You can buy off-the-shelf Dells and such with them too. It's just another radio button to get, say, a Dell with a 768MB 8800 GTX. ...and you could say it another million times without it transforming into anything more than the same pile of {censored}. "There are WMD in Iraq, there are WMD in Iraq, there are WMD in Iraq, there are WMD in Iraq, there are WMD in Iraq...." Are they there yet? I don't mention it because is it largely incorrect to say such. LOL, well did it occur to you that maybe you didn't see the difference because: 1) you are using a lower resolution 2) it turned into a slideshow on the 8600 (which I expect it to do as well on the 2600) Because I did indeed see a difference. And not just from examining screen caps. It just felt a lot...flatter. Face it EFI, you are just talking krap waaaaay outside your realm of knowledge and, it seems to me, punching out at me because of your unhappiness with how things just are. Well how about you back off the messenger, kthx. I'd rather not put you on intellectual ignore like I've done with MyMac8MyPC. I'd like to give you more credit than that.