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Blast From the Past: OS9

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Mac OS 9 is coming, and it’s going to make your Mac more powerful—and more Internet-friendly—than ever before. Designed to be your co-pilot on the Internet, Mac OS 9 is packed with over 50 new features.


OS9 is released on the 23rd of October, 1999, so make sure you have a suitable computer!

The minimum specs are:

  • Mac OS-based Apple computer with a Power PC processor
  • 32MB of physical RAM, with virtual memory set to at least 40MB

And for you lucky folks that have just bought the new super fast 500mhz Power Mac G4, you're going to have to hold on tight, as the G4 is the most powerful personal computer in the world!

OS 9 is, of course, an OS designed for the internet. AOL has some good offers at the moment that can get you online and enjoying OS 9 to the full.

Some of the new features in OS 9 are impressive! Sherlock 2 will make it so easy to find stuff on the internet and will make shopping easier. Voiceprint Password and built in Encryption will make your Mac's data invulnerable.

As expected, OS 9 also features a new, metallic looking UI.


I've ordered my disk and hopefully it will be here soon - I'll post screenshots as soon as I have updated :angry:


October 1999

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Nice. We used to have those iMacs in my old school. Needless to say, me being a windows user, didnt like Mac much

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this forum must be running out of news to post




yep i guess ur right..but if you look on the Web u will indeed find a Package called "COI" or Classic on Imac ..lets u run that classic {censored} on your Intel box :tomato:

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