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  1. I just watched that film. It was a frickin' trip. The girl with those cheeks... Mine comes from a character I created while playing my first D&D campaign. Dainix came from combining Dai from some author I saw randomly and Nix from Unix. Thus, Dainix.
  2. Windows 7 x64 RC 7100

    I've been using the x86 version of Windows 7 on my Wind U100, and I'm very impressed with it. With 2GB of RAM, it runs leagues better than Vista. I love seeing Task Manager use up 1.12GB at startup, and then suddenly drop that footprint back down to 683MB. Vista always floated around 983MB when it was done.
  3. MacAlly BTKeyMini

    Well, bummer. The same site announced it's currently not compatible with the iPhone 3.0 update.
  4. MacAlly BTKeyMini

    http://www.avalive.com/MacAlly/BTKeyMini/4...oductDetail.php Perhaps this may satisfy the users that would like an external keyboard, like myself. The onscreen keyboard is nice, but being able to pop something like this keyboard out and type notes in class is something that I find to be incredibly useful. While I'm still iffy on its actual release, a message from the link's page states: A glimmer of hope, yes. I just want this to be a reality, as it will give me an excuse to buy an iPhone. Thoughts?
  5. I'm certainly leaning towards getting it. The feature set for the new models aren't the greatest thing to come out of phones, but they're pretty nifty. All it needs is one little feature to sell me on it entirely, which is better Bluetooth support. I know that it already supports A2DP, so my Bluetooth headphones will work fine on it. If it supports other profiles, I'll consider it. If it supports Bluetooth keyboards, I'm dropping Verizon immediately.
  6. Lenovo S12 Netbook...with ION

    Hopefully, it'll support 2GB of RAM. My U100 would be sold outright for one of these beauties.
  7. Windows Vista Service Pack 2

    This was a bugger to install, as it didn't install properly if booted with grub. Thankfully, it's on a drive by itself, so I booted the drive directly.
  8. Don't know if this is the right forum for such a question. I've two computers, a netbook and a desktop. The netbook has Vista Business 32bit, and the desktop has Vista Business 64bit. Both have iTunes, and seem to use it just fine. However, one little issue has come up. Bonjour on my desktop doesn't work properly. While it can read broadcasts that my netbook produces (either through iTunes or Mojo), it doesn't broadcast itself. Windows Firewall has the exception for Bonjour, and my router has uPnP enabled. The netbook accesses my network through its wireless card, while the desktop is wired straight into it. I've tried reinstalling iTunes and Bonjour separately, but to no avail. I've read up on Bonjour not cooperating with Vista x64, but I'm wondering if someone has a fix that I can apply to this. It'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. NetBook choise...

    I have recently purchased the U100, and it works great after tweaking it.
  10. Important question about sse sse2 sse3

    Depends on how new the Pentium 4 is. Earlier models have SSE2, which works with OSx86 with a little modding to the kernel. SSE3 was implemented into the newer models, which should work without doing too much to the kernel. They have how-to's in the Genius Bar for it, so take a look around. I'm sure you'll find something.
  11. Vista really isn't all that bad

    When Vista first came out, I was very iffy on it entirely. Like Windows XP upon its release, it's something you can't rely on until after the first service pack. Since Vista has had its first service pack out for a while and UNO students can download Vista Business 64bit for free, I decided to give it a shot. What could it hurt? And if it didn't go very well, I can give XP x64 a whirl, and if that doesn't work, just copy my old partition back on and stick with something usable. All in all, I'm very satisfied with it. It's been very stable, and all the applications I used in XP work just fine in Vista. Steam even runs quicker in Vista compared to my XP installation. At first, I was a little worried using the 64bit version of the operating system, as it doesn't have a large driver pool. However, installing it initially pretty much covered everything, and running updates covered whatever wasn't installed. The only other drivers I had to find myself were the Bluetooth and SD card reader drivers. Everything else was covered by Windows Update. I'm a little disappointed that the ATI Catalyst application does not cover my X1400 card in Vista 64bit. I'd like to play games in full screen while keeping its original aspect ratio. With 2GB of RAM, it performs very well. At any one time, I don't think I've used more than 70% of it. I'll be getting my 2 x 2GB sticks in the mail tomorrow, so we'll see how much of an improvement it'll receive when it's jacked up to 4GB. What really sold me was how well it integrated with my tablet. After finding and installing the drivers, it immediately activated the Tablet PC features of the system. It's much more responsive and stable than whatever XP offered me. Vista's an interesting system. Like XP was to 2000, it was made to be more usable by the general public, yet also have the options open for the tech savvy user. When I first used XP, I looked at it saying, "This is a system any idiot can use. It's clunky, vulnerable to virii, and plays my games so much slower." I stuck with Windows 98SE until I was pretty much forced to upgrade, and around that time is when they had SP1 available. XP SP1 was so much more stable. Vista is pretty much following the same pattern.
  12. Important question about sse sse2 sse3

    A Pentium III? The perfect solution to that is to, well, get a new laptop.
  13. Currently using it now. I'm very, very impressed with it.
  14. Do you have CAVE people?

    In the small town of 4000 people where I used to live, we did not have CAVE people. Now, for Omaha? I'm not so sure. I'm sure there's just a handful of them out of the over 700k that live here, at the very least.
  15. ATI Framebuffer development

    It does lack this feature. Wormy is the only handler of LVDS.