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  1. Priority One

    What do you think?

    I was always under the impression that OSX was intentionally written so it would only recognise Apple hardware?
  2. Priority One

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Do you have a link to that Automator function?
  3. Hi everyone, I installed Leopard a few weeks ago and only recently powered up my copy of Photoshop CS1. Occasionally, I need to take screenshots of colours I like and create swatches of them in Photoshop. However, I find that in Leopard, I'm somehow not able to do this anymore. Photoshop doesn't seem to recognise screenshots copied out of Preview. In addition to this, I'm unable to 'Place' these screenshots either. Does anyone know what's going on, and more importantly, how to fix this problem? Thanks PO
  4. Priority One

    Do I need antivirus?

    I've been running a Mac for 15 or so years, and have never had a virus or spyware, or anything malicious.
  5. Priority One

    What irc would look like in real life

    What was this video made for? Presumably it wasn't just some bored guy with nothing to do one weekend.
  6. Priority One

    How to kill a mockingbird

  7. Priority One

    What irc would look like in real life

    Somewhat scary... and wrong... but the ending is good
  8. Priority One

    Auto hide for the Finder bar

    You can make it invisible with an app called Menu Shade, but I'm not sure about making it slide in and out of the top of your screen like the Dock.
  9. Priority One

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    5433 (might as well join in the fun)
  10. Priority One

    iPod Roundup

    That was a terrible, terrible video clip, and you should be ashamed for posting a link to it In regards to the colours, it looks like a return to the days of the Ruby and Sage iMacs. Will we see a Blue Dalmation iPod coming soon?
  11. Priority One

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Right. That's cool. And I have 2 questions: 1. Got a link for that background? 2. Did you make it, and if so, got a tutorial? iLike muchly.
  12. Priority One

    Have this?

    Do a search, it's around.
  13. Priority One

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    What are those two icons between Adium and Skype? I'm just beginning to realise how important a good icon is for an app... a nice glassy icon attracts my attention much more than a pixilated square.
  14. So what you're proposing is a way to navigate folders without clicking and closing? Isn't this a similar idea to the list layout?
  15. Priority One

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    The Adobe CS3 website actually mentions the medical profession on one of the Photoshop pages.