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All right, in the next few weeks, I will post polls for the InsanelyMac Awards. This event is in no way affiliated with IM and is being done as a way to have a little bit of fun and to give recognition for some of the outstanding people in our community. Here are the categories to ponder:


1. Favorite Moderator


2. Favorite Administrator


3. Best Front Page News (will need nominees from you guys)


4. Best Reader News (same story)


5. Best XLabs product


6. Favorite Poster (need nominees)


and finally:


7. The Solid Gold Diamond Studded A Nonny Moose Award


Watch Forum Info and Feedback for the voting topics and make sure you post some nominees where they are sorely needed!!!


BTW, once a poll is created I will wait one month. After that month (i.e. a poll created on 5/14 will be checked on 6/14), the item/poster with the most topics will win that award.

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This looks interesting. I cant wait to see the results. :D


Mod Edit:


Colonel! You are disqualified from this event for the crime of bribing potential voters for your benefit (see below).


Now, instead, you must vote for Sabr. ;)

Edited by Sabr
Vote Sabr!
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Nonny: Do you want to start the first of these polls tomorrow? That way I can link to it in the Links for the weekend thread (more people will see it).


- Sb.




Sabr has been disqualified from this event for trying to h4x the voting machines.


- Now you must vote Colonel Sabr Colonel. :thumbsup_anim:

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I still need nominees where nominees are needed. Post here for your nominees for:


Favorite Front Page News


Favorite Reader News


Favorite Poster


If I don't get any nominees for these categories, then we can't vote on them and there won't be any awards for them. PLEASE GIVE SOME NOMINEES

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