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New Security Update 2007-004


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Quoted from Software Update:


Security Update 2007-004 is recommended for all users and improves the security of the following components:


AFP Client







Help Viewer

HID Family




Login Window



System Configuration


Video Conference



For detailed information on this update, please visit this website: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=61798



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I just did an install and everything seems to be working fine.


It does contain updates to loginwindow.app though, so if you need the 10.4 version to prevent crashes, be sure and back yours up.


I don't have that problem, so I didn't need to back anything up, it just worked flawlessly.

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it doesnt show up on my software update. Do you need to have 10.4.9 to install it? im running .8


I think so. There have been other people who haven't seen the update pop up either. It could very well be because they're not on 10.4.9.

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worked perfectly for my hacintosh. had 1 extra reboot as some have said before...everything looks a-o-k



specs arnt in sig, but here are a few things





p4m890(mp) mobo

1 gig ram

2.8 dual core pentium D

nvidia 7300gs (dual monitors)

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After the update My "About This Mac" Screen the processor changed from Intel Pentium D to a Core 2 Duo, I know its not a problem but i thought i would share


I had similar problems, but not with the CPU; with the memory. Once I replaced loginwindow.app with my backup before I applied the patch, it reported the correct memory speed. That may help :thumbsup_anim:

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To clear up a few things: You do need 10.4.9 to be able to view this update.


This update works fine on a Dell Inspiron 6400 with no modifications to any files needed, "About This Mac" also displays the correct details.

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I updated with official Software Update, never needed the 10.4.4 loginwindow.app in 10.4.8/10.4.9 so no problems there for me. Rebooted twice, startled me a bit when the system had to reboot before entering the GUI, but after that forced reboot everything's back to normal. Console output's a lot cleaner now, I was having a lot of errors with a network interface which I attributed to the "vulnerability" that this update fixes.


Good luck to all ye updaters!

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any AMD user tried this update? or we have to wait again for a cracked one :thumbsup_anim: ahehe


Try the topic in OSx86 Installation about this update. There was one guy who updated his AMD system, and it stopped working. Something about having to backup the CarbonCore.framework...

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On my Asustosh system, I also had a Carbon... problem but was running a P4 SSE3 CPU on an asus P4P800Deluxe motherboard.

I was using the 10.4.4. login app, was running the JaS 10.4.9 update without any problems. After I did the update the login window.app couldn't be found and also there was something wrong with the detection of the disk volumes. I did a restore of my 10.4.9 partition with Acronis and will leave the security updates for what they are for now.

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