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We're writing an official FAQ!!!


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We need an accurate FAQ for people new to the forum to check out and give them a clear picture of what OSx86 is, what they need, frequent problems, etc.


Here are some of these questions, some pulled from the wiki - I'll let you guys post your answers here. Please add other questions and answers. I'll compile them all into a FAQ next week!


Q: I want Wi-Fi, OpenGL, and Quartz Extreme with my ATI video card and a nice widescreen resolution.


A: Apple didn't intend on OS X Tiger x86 being installed on varying hardware configurations. Because of this, a significant amount of hardware is not supported (doesn't have a fully working driver). There are a few supported WiFi Cards by AirPort2.kext (mostly Broadcom). Here (http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=1263) is a forum topic that helped me get my WiFi working. And there are efforts to get NVIDIA (http://macvidia.plusmediamusic.com/index.php?title=Main_Page) and ATIdriver (http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/ATI_Drivers) kexts to load.


Q: When I try to install OSx86, I get the message "Still waiting for root device."


A: OSx86 is not seeing your optical drive. If the drive is IDE, make SURE it is on the IDE port that goes to your southbridge (usually the blue one, but it varies), NOT on any supplementary IDE controllers. If it is SATA, set your bios settings to emulate or compatibility or something like that, NOT native or RAID or AHCI. Note: After changing the sata mode, if you also run windows off of the same/another HD on this controller, you may notice degraded performance and/or faliure to boot windows IF you change the sata settings.

If you mean boot instead of install, just replace the phrase "optical drive" with hard drive, the rest still applies. It is a detection issue with your IDE/SATA controller.

Edit: Try deleting the ApplePS2controller.kext - I get rid of that and it boots up for me no problem then!


Q: What are the solutions to the "Still waiting for root device" message?


A: The most common solution is making your OSX drive the primary IDE. Try disconnecting all the other hard drives, make the OSX drive IDE0, using either cable-select or Master jumper settings. In my particular case, Darwin only sees the "root device" if it's in the primary IDE slot.


A2: Try many boot option:

platform=X86PC -v

-x -v

rd=disk0s* -v (replace the * with your OS X partition number)

-f -v


A3: Try other bootloaders:

* Windows 2000/XP/2003 BOOT.INI is one of the easiest and best options. Many people use this method.



Q: How do I enable sound with an AC 97 codec or SB Live! ?


Apple system profiler nor dmesg show that a sound card has been detected. A: But it works, doesn't it? In the TipsnTricks there is stuff about getting AC97 sound to work. For me AC97-Sound worked without any changes when i deleted the ATI-Drivers and so was able to boot up without safe-mode enabled. Try http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Audio.


Q: Which SATA controllers work?


A: Working extensions for SATA are:



ICH5 Serial ATA Controller

ICH6 Serial ATA Controller

ICH6-M Serial ATA Controller


VIA SATA Controller

8237 SATA


Q: I get a blue background with mouse and boot screen (only with -F) but nothing load?


A: The partition table is not edit when you install darwin or osx, there is no real reason for darwin but the parititon stay NTFS FAT32 or EXT3 (it depend of what os you was using). For fix this problem, you need to use AF partition format and use UBUNTU live-cd for edit the parition table. It is not in the list but dont worry. After, the windows bootloader and GRUB will be able to work. For the first time, reboot FROM WINDOWS and when the bootloader will apear, choose tiger-x86 (OS X) and in the advenced part, write: platform=X86PC -v Good luck!


Q: When I boot, I get a "HFS+ partition error." I have booted many times before.


A: You did something under "Startup Disk" in System Preferences. To fix this, boot into the ubuntu live cd and write cfdisk in Terminal, which should list every partition on the hard disk. OSX will have a boot tag. Remove it by pressing enter, then press enter on your grub\boot.ini partition.


Q: Is there any way to network OSX in VMware?



Install Maxxus' patch to make network work in VMware.


Q: Could Linux or BSD drivers work under OSX86? If not, would it be difficult to tweak them?


Short Answer: no and yes.


Long Answer:


1) Drivers are very different in Darwin/OSX. While Darwin looks like just another BSD variant to normal applications, it has little in common with BSD (or Linux) regarding drivers.


2) Due to (1), it's not possible to use an open source driver and just tweak a bit. Open source drivers are useful, but mostly as guidelines for writing a new driver from scratch. Actually, Darwin contains quite a few drivers that were originally written for Linux, but porting them is a lot of work. Often it's easier to just write a new driver from scratch.

Questions that still need accurate, short answers:

How can I resize my partition without erasing the Mac OS X installation?

What are the filenames of the OSx86 installation files? (Not where to find them)

Why doesn't java work?

Why doesn't flash work?


Any other good questions? Are the answers above correct? Thanks for helping!

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Look i am really interested in writing an easy to use guide specially for newbies. I just have installed mac os x for the 10th time. Finally got it to work from a 10gb part


so ya


pls contact me if interested

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Q: Why won't flash work?


A: Because both the deadmoo image and the install dvd don't come with a flash universal binary. However, the torrent on a piratish bay that claims to update your computer from 10.4.1 to 10.4.3 should fix the problem.

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I have the feeling this thread may need to be moderated. There will be some misunderstanding in cetain area such as post #3.

For the last time, SAFARI 2.0.1 IS ONLY AVAILABLE AS A POWERPC BINARY FOR NOW, thus it is the same as running safari with the "open using rosetta" option. Flash is only available as a powerpc-architectured plugin, thus it wont work with safari loaded as intel binaries, and it will only work with safari loaded as powerpc. Safari 2.0.1 isn't a universal binary (containing both powerpc and intel binaries), but rather its purely powerpc binaries, so therefore flash works.


Right click safari 2.0.1 and honestly tell me if it says "application (powerpc)" in the "get info." If it doesn't I'll be a monkey's uncle. :blink:


Also posts with definate solutions and answers should only be posted here. IMO, words leading to assumtions should not be posted.

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I just finished writin a very easy 2 use step by step guide. How do i post it on the guides page. It is in doc format. Its really simple and has *working* instructions to extend the partition and to gety 1280*800 in 855GM chipsets.Step_by_step_n00b_guide_to_install_Mac_OS_X_x86_beta.doc

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Q. I have been sitting at the grey Apple logo screen forever, is this normal?

A. Yes. Depending on the speed of your CPU, and the amount of RAM you have, this can take up 10 minutes.


Q. Instead of a blue screen and the multicolored "busy" spiral, I get a grey screen and all the graphics look grabled. Why?

A. There are alot of reasons for this. Some of the most common are low video memory or unsupported video chipset. Please see the WiKi for the current list of known working hardware.



Q. The progress bar on the screen which says "Preparing Installation" stops moving, but I can still move mymouse, did this freeze?

A. Probably. I have found that when you attempt to install with a low amount of memory (256MB or less) this happens.


Q. Can I use Shapeshifter for themes?

A. At present, No.

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I'd like to see a listing of terms and definitions for those of us that are unfamiliar with OSX.


From what I can gather, Rosetta provides emulation of PPC binaries, but I still don't know what Altivec means. I've been primarily a mac guy from the 80's into the mid 90's and would love to return to the world of Macs...but OSX is foreign to me now.

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Jump right in, zoomie things aren't as different as tey might seem. OSX is *nix based, so any experience you have of such os'es will be useful.


AltiVec is a feature of g4 & g5 procesors that intel processors don't have, and which rosetta is presently unable to emulate.


If you remember the transition from 680x0 to ppc, then the step from ppc to intel is fairly similar.

Your extensions are now called kexts (kernel extensions) and there is a command line available, which, along with features like expose (window handling) & dashboard (desktop utilities) make up the difference with osx.


Apart from that, OSX/OSX86 is fantastically easy to use, the dock is an easy way to access & monitor appications, and most things just do what you'd think they would.


A list of terms would be useful to many I'm sure, so maybe a list of terms that are difficult to understand for the newcomer, & we can supply answers as we go?

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Thanks Hagar,

I plan to JUMP IN as soon as I can sneak past the wife to go to Fry's Electronics and buy a mobo and SSE3 capable CPU. My Athlon XP 3400+ doesn't have the horsepower :( I wish I had kept a running list of all the terms/phrases that made me go "huh?" as I've been skimming through this forum, but now I have a memory leak. I'll be sure to post anything I don't understand.


Anyway I don't expect going back to Macs will be difficult, just different. I've been using Gentoo Linux & KDE for my home computer for the last few years and an employer provided Winblows XP laptop. So I'll have to "unlearn" a few bad winblows habits.




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