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  1. Vman

    Camino 1.0 Beta 1

    Darn it. 30 minutes and I get a fatal error, so annoying! I'll get the source again and try to compile again. AHH. make[3]: *** No rule to make target `../mozilla/chrome/Makefile.in', needed by `chrome/Makefile'. Stop. make[2]: *** [export_tier_50] Error 2 make[1]: *** [tier_50] Error 2 make: *** [default] Error 2
  2. Vman


    I'm compiling camino as I type this using Pu70's guide. I really hope this works.
  3. Vman

    Camino 1.0 Beta 1

    yeah, Josh Aas' build gets the address book error. I really hope 1.0 beta 2 will be universal. I'm compiling camino as I type this, I really hope it works.
  4. Vman

    Camino 1.0 Beta 1

    It will work due to rosetta but porting it would be nice since it's twice as fast. I keep getting anonymous errors when compiling this version. I'll try to get it done in a week. It would be great if Pu7o ported this. He seems to be an expert in this feild.
  5. Vman


    I was talking about your camino build. It's 0.84 not 1.0 alpha. And yes your firefox build is the best browser for intel macs right now.
  6. I ported iVideo for intel macs. More info can be found on its sourceforge.net page. It's basically a bare bones video editing application. Several notches below FC pro and even iMovie but it getst the job done. Look for a port of Camino next, I've been working on it for a while since both of Josh Aas' builds crash like crazy and Pu7o's port isn't the latest version. Enjoy! P.S. Somebody add my ports to the wiki. iVideo.app.zip
  7. 1. The Freewhelin Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan 2. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club- The Beatles 3. White Album - The Beatles 4. It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back - Public Enemy 5. The Joshua Tree - U2
  8. WebGrabber is a ppc utility that creates a mirror of your site on your harddrive. Basically, it backs up the contents of a website. I ported it to Intel today, I haven't tested it for stability so feedback welcome! EDIT: Apparently attaching it doesn't work, thanks suleiman, I'll try to get it to work. webgrabber.zip
  9. Vman

    We're writing an official FAQ!!!

    Q: Why won't flash work? A: Because both the deadmoo image and the install dvd don't come with a flash universal binary. However, the torrent on a piratish bay that claims to update your computer from 10.4.1 to 10.4.3 should fix the problem.
  10. I'm using a P4 Prescott and an Intel Montara 852 chipset. I ran AIDA32 and got the following info. Chipset Properties: Motherboard Chipset Intel Montara-PM i852PM In-Order Queue Depth 12 CAS Latency 2.5T RAS To CAS Delay 3T RAS Precharge 3T RAS Active Time 7T Integrated Graphics Controller: Graphics Controller Type Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Graphics Controller Status Disabled Does anybody know how to enable Intel Extreme Graphics 2? I tried downloading a graphics driver from here. but I got an installation error after downloading from both sources, it said files missing. I'm dual booting Tiger and XP, I installed using Generic Install DVD release 1. Dell Inspiron 5160. I figure that by enabling the intel thing, I might be able to get quartz extreme and core image to work both of which are disabled according to the system profiler.
  11. you need partition magic to make some unpartitioned space so you can create an HFS+ partition.
  12. yeah and remember to do a custom install with the patched dvd. un select printer drivers, x code, etc. to get make the amount of space needed for installation smaller. Still, you're not going to be able to do much with suck a small harddrive.
  13. thanks for the reply I got it to work using the following method. Go into nero and open the install dvd release 1 iso instead of trying to burn it. then burn it. go into windows and create a partition that's hfs +. pop in the dvd and boot. before you do anything in the gui. Click on utilities disk utility and erase your HFS + partition. then verify your partition and repair it just to be safe. continue with the installer. This will give you two partitions with windows and osx on each. It is by far the best install method. For info on how to create a partition look at the install on a partition simple and accurate installation guide. Using the installation guide that I listed will allow you to leave your existing windows system the way it is.
  14. Vman

    Windows / Darwin Boot Screen.

    you don't need to edit the boot.ini file. just go into diskpart in windows, select disk 0, list partition, select the partition os x is on, and then type in active. works fine for me. easiest method.
  15. This is similar to the install on a partition simple and accurate method which worked for me. You don't even need the darwin cd though for this to work. You can create an HFS + partition with this command: create partition primary size = (whatever size you want) id = af just make sure you have unallocated, unpartitioned space on your harddrive. I'm currently trying a patched dvd install.