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AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress


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My status




________________________________ NEWS _______________________________________


10/02/2008 I just got AppleHDA.kext (from 10.5.2) working... finally! :)

04/02/2008 STAC9228_0x083847616 (tested by user ryhoo2 with a Dell Vostro 1400, it may need some tweaking for other models)

28/12/2007 2 Installers for ALC862 (test them both an see if it works for you)

27/12/2007 Just started adding some Installers instead of kext´s (Reason: noobs)

22/12/2007 AD1986 0x11d41986 for testing Click to download

17/12/2007 Realtek ALC861 kext Click to Download

07/12/2007 AppleHDA Patcher v1.20 (too many changes to remember, hope I did not mess up this one)

06/12/2007 AppleHDA Patcher v1.19 (changes on some realtek codecs)

05/12/2007 New thread to post patcher results

02/12/2007 stac9271D 0x83847627 for testing available, report results.

02/12/2007 Send codec dumps to: codecs@netcabo.pt with subject as vendor id

Ex. if you have a codec dump for Realtek ALC882, the vendor is: 0x10ec0882 (that will be the subject) - Thanx

02/12/2007 Thanks to OcciJano, I got all (or most of) my files back

hum...I think it´s missing some sigmatel kext I had before, anything else ?!

01/12/2007 Just restored some files I had, need to search for the rest. I don´t know if I have them or not

01/12/2007 AppleHDA Patcher v1.18 - Just minor changes

new AppleHDA Patcher v1.17 and v1.18 are meant to use with leopard.


new Thanks to vipersporthp for his fast testing, after 2 attempts inputs are working for stac9227 0x83847618

FN: stac9227_83847618.zip


new alc262 testing kext´s available for download

new Beta .kext available for download - beta4some861_880models.zip


It will not work for ex. with alc861 with Subsystem Id: 0x10430000 that one is being tested

But for sure it works with Asus P5GD1-VM with ALC861 'cause I´ve tested myself and user

Frappe051 reported it also works with his alc880 :gathering:








How to use AppleHDA Patcher:


Drag and drop a linux codec dump into AppleHDA Patcher icon

Some of them, can be found here: http://psykopat.free.fr/apple/AppleHDA/



Some kernel versions may crash with AppleHDA Patcher.

If it crashes with you, upgrade your kernel.













Edited by Taruga
Uploaded some of the missing files, I will upload more when possible
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Nice to 'hear' :D that there is work in progress! Hopefully this project is as succesfull as the graphic drivers project.


As allways I have something for the project list: Digital output. :(


If there's anything I can do like testing, please PM me. I have a 10.4.7 install imaged, so I don't panic with a kernel panic :lol:


Oh, by the way, I use an Asus P5W DH Deluxe 975x mobo

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I am on sigmatel 9220 , and I want to test to... maybe my dream will come true - sigmatel 9220 and surround sound - I am waiting for this for more that 1 year ... Hope to see some rezults in here, and I hope not to be a dead end like many others sound projects , because sound it is , after me, the last frontier on bringing a full OSX on ours machines

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It´s to soon to post something, testing has to be done with diferent codecs, have to get inputs and multi channel working and as it is right now, it will only work with alc882 and you can get the same result with azalia. So, when I get further than this I will share with you guys. Have a lot more to do for a complete sound driver. But I hope to get this working with other ALC´s too


If you are working with ACLinject i don't see how posting your Info.plist could hurt. With more people trying out keys the chance of someone stumbling onto the right values increases dramaticaly, not to mention better support for more codecs. I have ALC883 myself and it seems the sound card shuts itself off at random when using an edited Azalia. IOREGS from systems with working ALC sound might help find correct values here.

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I m very sure, that i must have a Layout-Id of 8 for my System (ALC882 ICH7)

Have made a Test with Linux, so i see, that my Realtek Codec uses some Nodes to set up the Functions to the Ports..


The same Nodelist i found in the Controller.kext below the part of Layout-ID 8.


Maybe,it can help you...



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.....however i noticed that the SPDIF digital output was lit up...


this never happened before....... 8]


so i can get audio output from the spdif jack - which i've verified by changing the system alert sounds from the system preferences.


the output tab shows a single "Unknown" name with "Built-in Output" under the port. the input tab shows two items: "Internal microphone Built-in" and "Unknown". i haven't tested all the "wrong" ports yet - i'm more interested in making everything right...


the only thing left seems to be configuring the proper layout-id and pathmap in the AppleHDA.kext info.plist.


Did you use the SPDIF to test it, or just saw it lighten up? If it realy works, please post a step-by-step manual. I can't wait to get digital sound out of my Hac :thumbsup_anim:

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Lol lol lol :thumbsup_anim: :pirate2: :D I´ve just made the impossible... I´ve got sound coming out from my mic !!!!


And it really plays ! Didn´t know it was possible :D



Not impossible, but funny....


it is a wrong pathmap, layout id, in windows, i can configure, every port to every function, there is a comfig programm, so i can configure that... have done that last week, to resolve a problem, someone did not have sound out on the pc... so i reconfigure the ports....



but by the way... the pic looks very interest... it is more than we ever have gotten before....

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i've got a alc861 on 10.4.8 it's working with AppleAzelia. I am interested in having a AppleHDA working.



Interesting ive had no luck getting alc861 working.

When editing the info.plists I can get it to appear as an audio output device on my laptop but no sound from the ports or the speakers.


Can pm how you did it or send a copy of your .kext

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check to see if the kext is loaded at startup. mine won't load anymore now at startup.


kextload /system/library/extensions/appleazelia.kext (should be AppleAzaliaAudio.kext)

Are you getting errors on boot about Azalia? Go to Terminal and type: sudo dmesg

Look for errors. If you do see errors, you might need to fix the permissions on Azalia. Go to Terminal and type:

cd /System/Library/Extensions
sudo chown -R root:wheel AppleAzaliaAudio.kext
sudo chmod -R 755 AppleAzaliaAudio.kext
diskutil repairpermissions /
cd /System/Library
sudo rm -rf Extensions.mkext Extensions.kextcache

Then reboot.

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