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    Atheros AR5006 and 5007 Working.

    I read some dude wanted to rebuild a bios - after changing the osys to get 5007EG working. Yes, phoenix bios editor does allow to compile a new bios image after a change - I did successfully hack my hp dv9850 phoenix bios and put it back together again - successfully.. If there is any need for help regarding this - I may be of assistance. change the darn osys value - send me a zip of the files and Ill compile it. Also notice: When u decompress the bios with phoenix bios editor there is a temp directory inside programs phoenix bios editor - here lies all the modules that make up the bios file. modify the value in the correct file - then compile the bios - easy as hell. I dont exactly remember who wanted to do this - but it was some pages earlier in this thread. I just read all of this {censored} to figure out what to do to my 5007EG - gonna try sum {censored} tonight and see what I come up with. Running osx 10.5.4 on acer aspire one - with all things working except wlan even webcam works nicely in photobooth. no issues regards, aRt
  2. Here is version 8.8 This version shows battery status in milliamper and also the current voltage level on hackint0shes that have the ACPI battery fix - and the Powermanagement bundle fix - available here in insanely. xinfo_v8.8_aRt_mOd.py.zip
  3. artbj

    HP dv6000 & dv9000 series

    search for my username and hp tx1000 hp tx1285 - AppleNforce etc. I dont have that many posts here in that category I specifically compiled an AppleNforce.kext for the hp tx series - MCP51 chipset or so - it should work for u as well unless u solved your problem. aRt EDIT: Go here and try the drivers I compiled on my hp tx1285 using xcode 3.0 in leopard 10.5.1 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...5490&st=20# cheers - tell me if it works - Ill be at on irc hackin on da t0sh.
  4. new version again:removed the divide by two that gave wrong front side bus speed.v8.4New version with fix for those who had an error complaining about cpuHT variable reference.mac-mini - hope this works for u ;)v8.5 attachedNew version yet again - tryin to fix problem for mac-mini - its still the cpuHT prob..this one should be more stable - do not use the 8.5 versionv8.6new fix for macdep.cpu.cores per package errorv8.7. it has been reported that this now works for mac-mini as well - so no problems now for most peoplexchats xinfo.py has evolved !!! soon the earlier network status that pissed so many off by not working - will be fixed xinfo.py.zip
  5. New version 8.3 - started to fix possible reasons for crashes for those with deviant specs concerning hw. 1st fix - for those with core solo. please post your crashes here... xinfo.py.zip
  6. New version 8.1 of xinfo.py for xchat - put it in the plugins folder.more fixes, plus that it states the wireless card - and its features.aRtupdate with macweather fix.now it responds correctly to zip codes & more. xinfo.py.zip xinfo.py.zip
  7. Hey all. This xchat script should now recognize machine type automatically via ioreg -l grep command mmx, sse 1 2 3 4.1 4.2 supp.sse3 etc... its improved. The old version did not detect hardware accelerated CI nor software accelerated i fixed what I saw was not working - more improvements will come for total support.... unless sum of the other authors kill me - thats why I called it 8.0 aRt mOd lol attachments follows - put this script in xchats plugin folder. EDIT: HERE IS THE LATEST VERSION 8.9 - I PUT IT HERE ON Fri:12:54 13th of JUNE 2008 xinfoV9.0_aRt_mOd.py.zip
  8. here is a ton of sonic drivers for os xhttp://www.sonix.com.tw/sonix/family.do?f=3a bunch of em... gonna try some - u guys get started too http://www.sonix.com.tw/sonix/product.do?p=SN9C202this is imo - possibly a good try for us as our dv hp computers do have a mic beside the cam itself - this is probably some sheit that connect to one chip.lets try guys ! :DaRt
  9. the 10.4.8 and 10.4.9 frameworks do work - and yeah - maybe we only need the quicktime components from one of those two versions who knows... im gonna try that kext thx
  10. I have a chicony camera and idea for possible fix!!!! HP Webcam: Version: 6.06 Bus Power (mA): 500 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd. Product ID: 0xb023 Serial Number: SN0001 Vendor ID: 0x04f2 The computer I have is a hp dv9850 mine only works in aMSN, and not ichat. it does not work in system preferences, though my hp tx1285 worked there... the hptx 1285 had a webcam that did not work with forexample freakshow using the tubgirl 10.4.10 installation tho - I once started freakshow using my hackint0sh jas 10.4.8 installations hard disk as external - in this hard drives application folder I started a regged version of freakshow - and woopsadaysie.... I got video there. conclusion: the frameworks of 10.4.8 and certain kexts and bundles from there could help us out. As this hptx1285 also must be chicony / sonix I am not sure wether or not leo would crash with this framework from 10.4.8 and kexts - but it could be worth a try. cheers aRt
  11. well, I had no way of seeing gfx on internal screen, so I cant state yes, but it is a possibly mostly no... if that makes sense.:PaRt If u have a 6150LE - this is awesome - for it is possible as well.We now have the 6150 dump, which could lead to progression.Now, Nvidia uses Arm cpus I believe, or some risc instruction sets - they sure have not based themselves upontheir own ideas only - lets try to find a disassembler for osx - terminal etc - so we can have a look at the contentsand patch this baby for mac - and change the id string in the start of the rom.
  12. Here are two files, my version of AppleNForce support for the tx series - it is fully working, but needs some adjustment, it still has UDMA though. The other file is NVidiaEFI.kext This AppleNForceATA.kext is compiled for LEO i.e. even in leopard. AppleNForceATA.kext.zip NVidiaEFI.kext.zip
  13. After installing NvidiaEfi kext I had some success getting more things to work, except I the screen froze. I believe the NVDAResman kext does not fully work with the go chipset, due to its control registers differing. We seriously need to dump the 4mb rom of the GPU 6150go . We also need the 6150LE chip dumped as this yields full qe ci, tho uses no shared memory, but it could give some insight. We also need to hack the NVDAHal40 or maybe one of the other bundles/plugins, as we need to use shared memory. NVDAResman kext needs to be hacked as well. One necessity is a tool kit with arm assembler and disassembler to use, preferably within osx. One great difference between osx prepared rom drivers is that they also rely on efi, but there is a difference to the id string in the start of the rom, saying this is an osx driver. For anything to work at all, we need to dump these chips. 1st priority: 6150go dump AND 6150LE dump - there are several users here who have 6150LE chipset. Please, ask people to boot up windows and give us a dump, I could dump mine, but I have no space for windows. These dump tools are all over the net. google is your friend. regards, aRt.
  14. I copied the kexts applehda and ac97 from tubgirls 10.4.9 release, they work perfectly. Though, the latency is not too good, meaning that when I run reason and other apps I need to compensate by altering settings.
  15. The trick is to use the NvidiaEFI.kext in combination with the GeForce drivers, though the internal lcd freezes and the hard drive continues to be active to some point, I more or less gave up this idea and I am now wanting to disassemble roms, to make a patch for the 6150 gowith the right nvcap and edid I froze the screen, it said 1280x800 instead of 1024x768.I will see if I can get the same effect again and post it here.PS! I also patched the 2nd leo disc, as I made my install from scratch, I also use original bootx - works like a charm.PSSS!!!! Please help us by dumping the 6150go rom from windows with some utility so we have a .rom file, and also the 6150 LE rom. We desperately need this! The idea is to hack the LE rom to use shared memory, i.e. use code from 6150 go and 6150 LE... aRtone more thing - can someone let us have a look at that working wifi io802family.kext ionetworkingfamily etc?regardsaRt