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  1. Update Ciderized Games to newest Cider-Versions.

    sorry, idont understand. maybe you are talking about the usual, other way: put a different game in an existing cider-bottle in order to play this game. but my problem is the *different direction*: what files have do be altered, what files are primary - if you copy just the new ciderparts on an old cider port, without doing all the usual modification. my problem is updating the cider-part only of a working cider-game. ok, frameworks and macos-folders seem to be somehow one of the main point. but just copying them just kills some games. some other cider-parts and a some cider-version-specific alteration seems to be necessary. questions, for example: are there any files to alter in the frameworks and macos-folders according to game and cider-version? do you have to put in the right cider-version in one of the specific .plists? is there any other cider-version-specific data or files in other folders than frameworks and macos?
  2. Update Ciderized Games to newest Cider-Versions.

    thank you. this was my first impression, too. try doing update in c&c for example - didnt startup after that. what did you mean with 'update file in preference if needed' exactly?
  3. Hi, i wonder if anyone could tell me a working way of updating a running cider-package. example take your existing C&C Kanes Revenge, take the newest Eve c&c has crappy framerates and a disappearing mouse eve works fast und without glitches both have different versions of cider - while c&c is in the 1xxx range, eve is in the 2xxx-range can someone please make a short tutorial like * copy this and that from eve/.../..../ to c&c/.../.../ * edit this and that info.plist * doubleclick the app that should work in *most* cases theoretically? i managed to copy the frameworks-folder from spore (v16xx) to c&c and nearly doubled my framerate. but this was a singular event. anybody has any experience in this? help highly appreciated.
  4. after updating to leopard i realized my formac watchandgo usb adapter doesnt work anymore... is there some new way to clear the kextcache in leopard? or - if you have the same problem - is it 'simply' a problem of the kext? i tried to kextload it, but simply no chance. anybody else any problems - esp. with dvbt-boxes and leopard? can someone help?
  5. hackintosh verkauf?

    Gerade gesehen: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...%2509%26fvi%3D1 ist das koscher?
  6. Thank you, Rammjet. BUT: i tried it already (before, see my post). and it didnt help. as i mentioned, maybe the script is part of the problem. i tried it already (before, see my post). and it didnt help: system keeps crashing totally as if nothing changed. 3) about this mac: any news? (tried several things, see my post) Thank you for your help!
  7. this cant be possible?!? no reaction exept one? *bump*
  8. hi, i've problems with 1) personal file sharing and 2) all installer-packages after updating not to mention 3) the about this mac-issue (though applying the new smbios.extension...) after i updated to 10.4.8. (system is working fine except of this, i tried a 10.4.4.-8 combo update already, nothing happend, ati-card: great with the new drivers) some info, maybe someone can help me on this: 1. someone in the household got a macbook since yesterday, so i tried to enable personal file sharing with it. it does not work, not even the itunes-lib is recognised... the thing just jumps back if i look in preferences again after i set the bit. 2. no installer-packages work anymore. pacifist helped in most cases, but some software needs to be installed via package. first it simply crashed by closing the window when progress hit the first quarter, after reinstalling everything i though would be spotlight-associated now i get a full crash: need to restart. maybe these two problems could be associated somehow? i searched the forum but none helpful information (networking-errors in 10.4.7. and the floating-around script did not help and ... installation of the script in 10.4.8 could be one reason of all the problems. or my machine / the kernel? i gave up after seeing the beautiful macbook - i just works. would someone please help me?
  9. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    i suppose you are talking about the 10.4.8. applehda-kext? i would like to get it working with an alc880... would you please post your work?
  10. [HowTo] X1600/X1800 Full Support (Borisbadenov Method)

    what did change exactly with patch 3.4 to 3.5? i have a fully working 10.4.8.-kernel X1600 PCI system (3.4) now. any speed improvements for pci-users when updating to 3.5?
  11. hi, after injecting the kernel from the new jas dvd and muddeling with a few frameworks, i finally got my old 10.4.8 (4.4. kernel) installation to work. but ive got a few issues. first of all, spotlight keeps blinking all the time, all the upper infobar is not to be seen cause of this second, about this mac crashes the system, but recovers automatically third, software update does download updates, but doesnt install forth: activity-monitor crashes the system (and there should be much in the background, if i take a look on my far worse xbench-results) fifth: worse, worser xbench results (though the new ati-drivers work perfect now) anybody can help me, at least on the spotlight-things (i think the probs are connected somehow)? i updated coreservices and frameworks, repaired permissions, made a update_prebindings allready... thank you.
  12. bundleing: frontrowpass would be nice, alc 88x and airport-compatble networkcards (netgear etc.) too. and not to forget full compatibility for the old ADC2,1 hardware (i915, gma900), ati 1x00, too. jas, i would like to test what you made. thank you for your work! EDIT: uups, sorry, i meant kiko, too. ahem.
  13. hi, after jas released the new 10.4.8. install dvd - and it is a huge one - i got a thought if someone is working on something a little bit 'lighter'. like a fully functional, user-customizable 10.4.8. intel combo update for hackintoshs. which should weight around 300 megs. lesser than 1/10 of the dvd. the update for the rest of us. the update for all who got a working config actually. following the lasted discussions, the update could contain the whole real 10.4.8. combo-update with customizable options like the lasted things from the community: 10.4.8. gma900/950; ati 1x000 2.4. 10.4.8.; frontrow-kext, alc880 premodded-kexts, agpart+macvidia as alternate option; newest kernels a.s.o. someone working on this? or planning to?
  14. anybody got comparable solutions for alc 880?
  15. anybody got frontrow to work with 10.4.8? i used the kext and frontrow is shown in sound and keyboard pref panel. i can even change the starting-keys. but whatever starting keys i use, frontrow will simply not show up. it worked with 10.4.7. any hints?