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  1. 8800 GTS/GTX Mac Pro Taskforce

    I guess this is the same problem as using an Apple Graphics Card in a PC. Maybe there's someone here who can 'hack" the GC's bios to work in a Mac. The card is based on a system with BIOS, not with EFI.
  2. Hardly getting support? How about helping us a bit? What hardware are you using? What version and distri of OSX are you using? What happens if you unplug the sounddevice and transfer the data then? As you can see I can only ask questions instead of giving answers. Please post ALL information reagrding your problem/question please.
  3. uphuck v1.4 install error

    Try an USB-drive. The internal IDE-drive is not supported in your case.
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I saw a few people got AC3 to work with their ALC8xx. Line- an mic in, aswel as spdif out are working here, but there's no AC3. Not in div-x movies and not in DVD's. How do I get this workin'? I tried a few codecs. One of them made the Dolby Digital 5.1 led blinking, instead of steady lighten up an made OSX hang. Any suggestions?
  5. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I gues AppleHDA should be the problem. I checked for AppleAzalia, but wasn't there so I ran the installer, repaired permissions to make sure and rebooted. I'll give it a try to remove the AppleHDA later this evening.
  6. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    What did I do wrong? I installed the package from the startpost, without luck. After rebooting just a kernel panic: "Hold the power button to reboot... " EDIT: I forgot to mention that I'm using the Myzar 10.4.6 with JaS updates to 10.4.7 and 10.4.8. I use an Asus P5W DH Deluxe with an Intel D805 core, which is recognized as SSE2 CPU in OSX.
  7. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Did you use the SPDIF to test it, or just saw it lighten up? If it realy works, please post a step-by-step manual. I can't wait to get digital sound out of my Hac
  8. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Nice to 'hear' that there is work in progress! Hopefully this project is as succesfull as the graphic drivers project. As allways I have something for the project list: Digital output. If there's anything I can do like testing, please PM me. I have a 10.4.7 install imaged, so I don't panic with a kernel panic Oh, by the way, I use an Asus P5W DH Deluxe 975x mobo
  9. Try to reboot with and without headphones pluged in. Do you notice any difference?
  10. Processor Temperatures

    Is your CPU stable? No error's or BSOD's? Try a program like Prime'95 and run it for at least 6 hours. If it's errorfree, then the sensor doesn't work. I know my D805 isn't stable at 83C. I tested it by overclocking it to 4.1GHz.
  11. Just ! Finaly got all buttons on my MX1000 working, and my media keyboard. For thos who would like to know: I'm using the USB-connections for both mouse and keyboard.
  12. There's a big difference between th ATI-card and your soundcard: the slot is uses. The ATI-card uses PCIe, which is supported bij OSX x86. Your soundcard is a PCI-card, which is support by OSX, but just for the PPC-platform. Back on-topic: I don't think it will work with the ATI-card. They're able to build a card with bios and efi, but the mobo forces the choice, and that's before booting OSX. My idea is based on BootCamp. When the 'bios' was chosen by booting the OS, the original Mac-version of the videocard wouldn't work. Otherwise, when booting XP on a Mac, there was no bios found at the videocard. ATI would just benefit by a universal card by the fact that they just need to produce one card. An that's much cheaper than produce 2 different ones, which for 90% use the same circuits. Just my
  13. Is there a way to get it working as an Airport device? I have to use the Wireless USB Utility, but is not recognised as Airport.
  14. Help! I need sound through SPDIF

    Yesterday I bought a Soundblaster Audigy NX, but no SPDIF-out. SPDIF-in worked. The analog sound was not as good as my ALC882 onboard device, so I returned the Audigy. I haven't tested the multi channel config.