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Help fixing cracking sound on alc1150 voodoohda

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Hi all guys i installed yosemite 10.10.5 and the only things that has issue are crackling sound and usb 3 dont work and how i boot from the hd?what i should do to boot from hd and nit usb? For the audio i installed vodoohda i have alc1150 hope i can use applehda cause someone say it is better

Thank you and what about to boot from hd?


Do you try install the bootloader in your HDD?


If you use Clover, copy/paste the EFI folder of your Pendrive, and put in HDD.


I have 0% experience with AMD builds, but this method works great with all Hacks.

A modified AppleHDA isn't going to work on your System. It only seems to work on nVidia chipsets on AMD and you have an AMD chipset.


What VoodooHDA are you using? I recommend version 2.8.4

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