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Intel HD 3000 query


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Hi All,

Been a while since I've been around the hackintosh scene, been happily sitting with mountain lion for a few years, no need to update until now. 

Updated to El Capitan and back down to Yosemite (Audio interface drivers aren't supported on El Capitan, will be replacing it soon though!)

I've installed a vanilla Yosemite with Clover and I need to learn how to get my Intel HD 3000 graphics supported, I used to use chameleon bootloader, which helped me sort it before.

I've searched over the net on a few forums the last few days, I've tried a few kext replacements to not much look. 

Going to play with Clover configurator later to create and make a the plist.

I've steered clear of DSDT, never used them before. 

Would I need one now just for the graphics issue, all my other hardware is flawless now.

My mobo is ASUS P8z68-V LX
My CPU is Intel i5-2500k

I connect DVI and HDMI dual monitor to my system, currently it's mirrored at a low resolution and the system thinks it's Intel HD 2000 with roughly 6mb.

I'm away from home for a few hours but will do my best to look into whatever I can..

Any help would be much appreciated


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I've managed to get full resolution via editing the config.plist for clover,

(I copied settings from another thread, SMBIO is now Mac Mini 2011, Inject Intel etc.)

This has given me Intel HD 2000 512mb.

I'd still like to get to HD 3000 so I can use final cut pro, possibly enable transparency on the menu bar.

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Hi Allan


Many thanks for the link, 


I've patched my DSDT (generated it via Clover) and it has made no difference. 


I'm out of ideas with Intel Hd3000 and clover.

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try this config without dsdt

To attach, click --->"'more reply options ", upload compressed files


Thanks GengiK, I tried this late last night but received AppleIntelCPU Kernel panic, tried again enabling the AppleIntel patch within Clover but couldn't get it to work.


What's odd was, even though I was using your plist, my theme stayed consistent and didn't revert to original. 


I'll try again tonight when I'm home and keep you posted.


UPDATE: I've tried to boot twice with your plist, then I opened it up with PlistPro, and realised it has downloaded corrupt.. I've redownloaded and still no luck, 


Could you possibly re-upload please?

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Thanks for the help Gengik84

Your config.plist actually booted slightly quicker than mine, which is cool. 

The system profiler is still saying Intel HD 2000, however it's 512mb resolutions and transparency are running fine, that is more than fine with me. 

HD3000 is 512mb anyway with 8gb RAM I believe, so am I correct in assuming this wouldn't make significant difference if Mac saw as HD2000 or HD3000?



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Thank you both for your help,

Final cut pro says minimum requirements are Intel hd3000 and it runs fine.


I never cared for HDMI audio as I have an audio interface that works with Yosemite ( but not El Capitan, its support is discontinued.)


Thanks again :)

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Hi Allan, 

Apologies of the delay, been away from the computer or my house recently, busy times.

Thanks for the guide, I'll look into this tonight and see what I can procure :)

Update: Had a harddrive failure. :(

Harddrive was FUBAR, replaced it, installed Yosemite back to how it was, will try and play when I can to sort the codec out. 

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