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  1. JijiTheFox

    Sony VAIO black screen upon boot

    Hi pg7, where would I find / configure fix display? I am injecting Nvidia now. UPDATE: tried this and still the same, using web Drivers will cause a black screen. No web drivers leads to reboot.
  2. JijiTheFox

    Sony VAIO black screen upon boot

    I upgraded to 10.12.6 on a whim. I can now use screenshare from my Mac to the Vaio. Glitchy but progress. There's now an image on screenshare. Still no internal or HDMI image yet. I've tried injecting EDID with clover, it makes no difference.
  3. JijiTheFox

    Sony VAIO black screen upon boot

    I'm stuck with DSDT Patching. The EDID I extracted matches both EDI4 and EDI5 :s Further more, following the instructions here : I have no idea what Fill "AAPL00,override-no-edid" with EDID values.. means, I can't find "\_SB_.PCI0.PEG3.NGFX.EDI3" Am I beating a dead horse here? Every forum and website I've checked the most people can get is HDMI out, and I'm not even getting that.
  4. JijiTheFox

    Sony VAIO black screen upon boot

    I've tried EDID injection via clover, had no such luck. I'll attempt DSDT tonight should that make a difference. My concern is that I cannot see anything through HDMI or screenshare, whereas the users in tchopsy's post seem to have gotten that far.
  5. JijiTheFox

    distorted images nvidia web driver sierra

    Sorry to beat a dead thread, but may I ask how you guys got a GT425m detected? I'm trying with my Sony Vaio, I get black screen with Web Drivers, Reset with no options, only works with nv_disable=1
  6. JijiTheFox

    Sony VAIO black screen upon boot

    Here you've gave me a lot to look into, thank you. I'll start working through this and update asap. Maybe a noob question, how would I boot with Nvidia Enabled? Is that to Inject Nvidia, or the Web Drivers? I can't see anything on share screen when I use Web Drivers it's blacked out and the cursor doesn't move.
  7. Hey AllI've managed to install Sierra onto a a Sony Vaio vpcf13m0e (PCG-81112m) I've been gifted.Boots with graphics via nv_disable=1 , otherwise the HDMI and internal Display do not produce an image.Even via screenshare on my other Macbook, I cannot produce an image when connected. You just get greeted with an almost square resolution, pure black screen.Wifi + Bluetooth is sorted (managed to get a compatible Wifi Card and fitted that!)Audio + Graphics to complete!Graphics is my main priority right now, as I can cheat with Bluetooth audio.Attached Problem Reporting Files, can provide extra information.My BIOS (American Megatrends) is severely limited, there's little options to configure, there's nothing to do with the Graphics I can mention that may help there. I've not tried any DSDT patching yet, I've never needed to with previous builds, but I feel this may be somewhere Ineed to go? Specs: Intel I7 740QM (PM55) Nvidia Geforce GT-425m 1920 x 1200 8GM RAM Any help is greatly appreciated CLOVER.zip DSDT Extract.zip IOReg.zip
  8. Hi All, I'm quite lost, between here, other places and forums, I cannot see where to begin with getting on board audio working with my laptop. I've Realtek ALC269 (also have HDMI audio, but will not even entertain that idea yet.) Apparently there's a possibility of achieving onboard audio with LiluKext + AppleALC and +LayoutID. LayoutID is what throws me, I cannot see how I implement this into Config.plist / Clover Configurator.? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've skipped audio in the past, as I've just used USB Audio Interfaces. This is my first real laptop hack. Am I testing 0x01 in this field here in Clover Configurator | Devices ? Every guide I find throws me into a different method and I can't understand if my hardware is compatible with those guides..
  9. Morning All, I've finally gotten an installation of Sierra on my machine. It does take up to 20 minutes at times to boot Sierra, I was wondering if I could get some assistance learning what these errors are, why some are timing out and how to go about knocking them out. My first concern is this ACPI Error : Method parse/execution failed. My boot loader files (Clover Legacy) and screenshot are below, could anyone enlighten me with this please? Many Thanks CLOVER AH512.zip
  10. Hi All, Following the extra update to the BIOS I forgot to try legacy Clover again. This time around it worked! I have reached verbose! I'm currently on the vanilla (CreateInstallMedia method) Sierra installer hoping it goes through smoothly! Thank you everyone for your help, will update when there's more news! If this helps anyone in the future, I've gotten this far with the attached Clover setup, I've had to boot in safe mode to avoid a busy timeout IGPU error. CLOVER.zip UPDATE: INSTALL WAS A SUCCESS! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP. I was dead close to getting rid of this laptop. I was losing the will to keep going. I'm going to start a post-install thread soon to try and comb out the lovely boot errors I have now.
  11. I am getting further! With the Patched Installer + Enoch, I can get into Installer and Begin installation. However it cuts out halfway through with the following error : "Request Failed To Initialize."
  12. Up to version 1.21, still the same Chris1111. I'm out of ideas with Clover, I think it's a dead horse at this point.
  13. JijiTheFox

    Sierra su hp 15-ay182nb

    Did you try the above?
  14. Sadly (and oddly enough) still boots to black screen system hang. I've tried countless USB Sticks and Hard drivess, BIOS configs, with/without hard drive. Reset BIOS, update BIOS, reset CMOS. I've looked and asked into this system hang on a few forums and subreddits, and I did try to add a support ticket over on Sourceforge regarding the system hang, if it's a bug or a config issue. Unfortunately support is not something they specialise in, I think Enoch is better to focus on. My download is 139ef35e4af0da8286b2a3af326cb114d774f606, which matches 10.12.0. It's most likely due to me not using createinstall media as I needed to change AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext and AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext to work with my Sandy Bridge / Series 7 combination. I'm looking at the Sierra Patch Tool, I can't get into using it until tonight (busy weekend), however, if this using createinstallmedia, I'll might be pushed back a step.
  15. JijiTheFox


    Thanks Hervé , I was wondering if any changes in Enoch would cause conflict, but to be honest I've encountered none so far. I think my problems lie elsewhere then! I'm only aiming to use 2011,2012 models with my current machine