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  1. JijiTheFox

    Pre-Install Hang - ACPI Errors

    Hi @MaLd0n , do you have any advice on which tables I could look at within the DSDT to progress please?
  2. JijiTheFox

    Pre-Install Hang - ACPI Errors

    I was following a guide for Haswell boards here, and I'm using the SMBIOS iMac15,1
  3. JijiTheFox

    Pre-Install Hang - ACPI Errors

    Hi theruck, Tried your suggestion, it doesn't get me as far into boot.
  4. JijiTheFox

    Pre-Install Hang - ACPI Errors

    Hi MaLd0n, I've attached the untouched tables within the CLOVER folder, incase there's anything else that could be problematic. CLOVER.zip
  5. Hi All, I'm trying to install Catalina via Clover, however, it hangs on ACPI errors. I've managed to reduce this from 6 to 4, but there's still some outstanding. I'm thinking this may require DSDT patching to get by, but on the below information, how to do I gauge what I need to locate, and change values to? I've been lucky with past machines, rarely required a DSDT edit. The EC patch for Catalina has been applied. Model - Lenovo A540 CPU - Intel® Core® i5-4258U (2.9 GHz) Chipset - Haswell Boot - UEFI Clover GPU - Intel Iris / HD Graphics 5100 Resolution - 1920 x 1080 Storage - 1TB hard drive RAM - 8GB
  6. JijiTheFox

    Sony VAIO black screen upon boot

    Hi pg7, where would I find / configure fix display? I am injecting Nvidia now. UPDATE: tried this and still the same, using web Drivers will cause a black screen. No web drivers leads to reboot.
  7. JijiTheFox

    Sony VAIO black screen upon boot

    I upgraded to 10.12.6 on a whim. I can now use screenshare from my Mac to the Vaio. Glitchy but progress. There's now an image on screenshare. Still no internal or HDMI image yet. I've tried injecting EDID with clover, it makes no difference.
  8. JijiTheFox

    Sony VAIO black screen upon boot

    I'm stuck with DSDT Patching. The EDID I extracted matches both EDI4 and EDI5 :s Further more, following the instructions here : I have no idea what Fill "AAPL00,override-no-edid" with EDID values.. means, I can't find "\_SB_.PCI0.PEG3.NGFX.EDI3" Am I beating a dead horse here? Every forum and website I've checked the most people can get is HDMI out, and I'm not even getting that.
  9. JijiTheFox

    Sony VAIO black screen upon boot

    I've tried EDID injection via clover, had no such luck. I'll attempt DSDT tonight should that make a difference. My concern is that I cannot see anything through HDMI or screenshare, whereas the users in tchopsy's post seem to have gotten that far.
  10. Sorry to beat a dead thread, but may I ask how you guys got a GT425m detected? I'm trying with my Sony Vaio, I get black screen with Web Drivers, Reset with no options, only works with nv_disable=1