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El Capitan AppleHDA HDMI Audio


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Working perfect for me with HD4400, after the third try with a Clover patch.

Enabling this also fixed some problems like the computer rebooting when you plug HDMI or not booting at all if HDMI is present.

Now I connect my laptop to any screen, adjusting the overscan :D

Hi! I have just installed Yosemite on my Surface Pro 2 that comes with Intel HD 4400. HDMI works but I have no audio coming out that port. How did you do to activate the audio over HDMI on HD 4400? I saw you tried a clover patch. Which one and how?


Thank you!

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Hi all, 


I was having trouble enabling HDMI Audio on my Hack around #35 :)


Toledo was helping me out a lot but somehow did not find any solution.


My Setup: Z97 Gaming GT, i7 4790k, GTX970, High Sierra

SMBIOS: iMac 14,2


I will make it short, Even with the correct SSDT I could not get it working.


Now, a long time later I changed SMBIOS and installed High Sierra, a good choice to restart.


Cut a long story short, what latest Nvidia driver do support HDMI Audio via DP or DVI. I used the HDMI port, the only not working port on my rig.


This seemed avoiding the SSDT to work but, today I know --- The error was in front of the computer...


Never mind, thought to share for those having troubles.

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