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Where to get Tiger ten years later?

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Just as an experiment I wanted to revive a old P4 pc :D Because the hardware looks good, I wanted to try it with the oldest image that ever existed, the leaked 10.4.1 image from deadmoo. Where can I get one, everything is offline :(

Will be hard in any way... I even have Tiger CDs laying around here :D

Take this ####### or this ######


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Attempt #1:



I can't get past that screen. I'm using 10.4.11 with Chameleon 2.1 1806 and FakeSMC.kext for Tiger, dsmos.kext didn't make any difference. I'm using the Slice-Kernel that came with the image.



Attempt #2:


Kernel Panic - AppleACPIPlatform.kext when using the universal kernel 8.9.1 with the matching System.kext :(


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I managed to install 10.4.3 (?) on VMWare 11 running on an El Capitan host. Try looking for "MacOSx 10.4.3 8F1111A Patched Jas v4.2b.iso" I've also managed to install "10.4.6.install.dvd.iso", but it doesn't boot afterward.

"Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2.iso" was a very popular OSx86 distribution back in the day, but it doesn't seem to get to the installer on any VM. Obviously it'll be different if you're using actual hardware however.

Good luck.

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This is actually sound advice.


Heres the deal... whatever you boot the osx on the same box (like say, if you have a working install of X.6.8 through X.11.3) with in clover (im not sure about chameleon) now, find the minimum config needed via only clover to get the {censored} booted.. NO ADDED KEXTS and do it methodically making sure you ahve 100% unmodified install sources/media

next, and this is the context you need here:

get vanilla tiger image.... no special kernels/patches. etc. no added bs kexts. no extra random flags or tweaks to it...

this is critical and hard to obtain as nobody really knew what it was that made it work/not work.. and most {censored} you download is this..


back then a {censored}load of ad-hoc kernel patches/kexts etc were added to these "distros" like the deadmoo or the iatkos or the JaS etc etc. and all that adhoc stuff was tested to death and always did and still sucks miserably to try and troubleshoot...





now boot it via the minimal clover config. you may of course use fakesmc as its the only essential part in my experience. I have 10.4 - 10.11 all currently booting on a p8p67-m-pro on a single 3tb GPT drive sliced into of course more than 8 (actually its over 20 partitions since I have insallers and recovery lets start all over from just installed it via copy of my final base images... another topic I suppose im just proud of this.. it took a lot of my time.



the dependencies (affed kexts, edits (manual or otherwise to anything /hw/drivers and kexts/extras related )

Boot with Chameleon and let clover configurator Generate A plist for you. You will Need fakeSMC

i have never tried that before... to omit fakesmc and gen the config... sounds like fun to try out... references? anyways, ill test that-- thanks for the protip

;-) btw i posted in the wrong thread and than deleted it.. was up super late derp

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I also have been seeking JaS' 10.4 files without success, as I have been unable to convince my OEM (intel) installer disk to work.  I want to use it with virtualbox as part of my ongoing efforts to effectively consolidate all my old computers (not just macs) in one.  Is anyone willing to provide a valid link or other alternative?

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Actually I was thinking of Tiger too for my old T60 (GMA950 only) some time ago.

MacBooks 1,1 had very similar specs so it should run with 10.4 all right.

Macintoshgarden has some flavors of Tiger X86 hosted by now, same for Leopard which would be an option too.

Is there any chance you might upload JAS 10.4 and kalyway leo to Macintoshgarden or another place you might prefer notsnsone?


I think it´s  absolutely worth preserving the old hacks where possible.

If others have locally stored pre Nawcom SL hacks, please do share!



Success, at least to some extent.

One of the last copies maybe of JaS 10.4.8 surfaced, same as the Turkish hack for Leopard,

many here will recall the V7 release. The Tiger hack runs fine on my T60, V7 yet to try.

But what about the other old hacks?


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